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  • Online Digitale Besluitvorming

    Digitale Besluitvorming op afstand met een Digitale ID en Blockchain

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  • VDC Contract Management

    Solving challenges with contract- and records management with blockchain

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  • Digital Preservation through PDF/A and XML

    Use PDF/a and XML to ensure that documents and data are preserved for the future

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  • Clinical Trials: the Verial eTMF application

    Triall.io, the world’s first clinical medical trial utilizing blockchain technology in production

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  • Digital Preservation with PDF/A

    Protect PDF/A documents by digitally signing them using our blockchain-based digital signature service.

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  • SharePoint Blockchain Add-in

    Sphereon was the world's first company to bring Blockchain to SharePoint.

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  • DAML Smart Contracts

    Gateway for DAML with Document Management Systems, Tokenization and Stablecoins

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  • Alfresco Blockchain Solutions

    A crucial bridge between Alfresco and new technologies, such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

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  • Off-Blocks.com Digital Signatures

    Off-Blocks is a solution for signing data and documents with a smartphone.

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  • Kofax Capture

    Our Kofax Capture™ Custom Module will secure all documents in a batch and digitally and anchor them on Blockchain.

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  • eWaarmerk.nl Document Certification

    eWaarmerk is a solution to certify permits, council decisions, appointments, rulings, aimed at local governments.

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  • Smart Data Capture

    Automatically find and extract data that is locked in emails, attachments, images and documents

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