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Smart Contracts for Multi-party Business Processes

DAML is an open-source smart contract language for building future-proof distributed applications. It enables organizations to run and execute smart contract applications across multiple parties in a safe and secure manner.

One language for multiple platforms

Use of DAML is growing rapidly, especially within large organizations and business chains: Financials, Logistics, Governments. This is driven by DAML’s approach as a blockchain agnostic solution, integrating with several blockchain infra structure. Some well known companies that are using DAML are: ABN AMRO, Australian Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

As part as our strategic partnership with Digital Asset, Inc., the company behind DAML, Sphereon offers the technology and solutions to integrate with DAML.

About DAML Smart Contracts

DAML is a functional language (inspired by Haskell) and designed for distributed business workflows. It aims to focus developer time on programming business processes, rather than needing to deal with the innards of blockchain and encryption.

Digital Asset is following a strategic plan to integrate DAML with other distributed ledgers, as well as non-DLT solutions. The first integrations are being executed with enterprise blockchains like, for instance HyperLedger Sawtooth, HyperLedger Fabric and VMWare’s blockchain platform.

Sphereon DAML Document Processing Integration

Sphereon is integrating our various ECM/DMS integrations and Document APIs with DAML.

Using Sphereon’s integrations and APIs for Blockchain and Document Processing APIs will allow you to:

  • Interact with multiple ECM systems, such as Alfresco and MS SharePoint, to read and write data and documents.
  • Interact with multiple cloud storage providers, such as AWS S3 and Glacier, MS Azure Blobs and Files and Google Storage.
  • Interact with multiple On Premise SQL and NoSQL databases.
  • Interact with multiple Blockchains, such as Ethereum, Factom, HyperLedger, Multichain, BigChainDB, to Register and Verify data and documents cross-blockchain.

DAML integration with the Factom Asset Protocol (FAT) and PegNet

We’re building a gateway to integrate DAML with the Factom Asset Protocol (FAT).

Our Factom DAML gateway will enable DAML Smart Contracts, that run on top of other blockchains, such as HyperLedger, R3 Corda or VMware, to transact with FAT and to execute transactions with FAT tokens:

  • FAT-0 Fungible Tokens (aka ERC20)
  • FAT-1 Non-fungible Tokens (aka ERC721)

DAML using PegNet

What is even more interesting is that this also enables DAML to transact with all the PegNet Stablecoins. Currently PegNet is planned to support 32-pegged assets:

  • fiat-currencies
  • cryptocurrencies
  • precious metals

For example, DAML Smart Contracts can then convert pUSD to pGOLD, or pGOLD to pEUR or to pETH.

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