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We are leading specialists in Verifiable Credentials.

The problem: How can you trust the data you receive? How can you be sure that the data you share or publish remains verifiable tamperproof?

Verifiable Credentials provide a secure, efficient and privacy preserving way of exchanging information between parties with the ability to verify the validity of the data without relying on a central authority.

Sphereon VDX

Our Verifiable Data Exchange platform – Sphereon VDX – enables organizations to quickly deploy advanced solutions that enable users to share data in a secure, verifiable, and privacy-protective manner.

Data or documents are digitally signed by the issuer, securely held and controlled by the owner and automatically validated for their authenticity by the recipient.

Sphereon SSI SDK

Our Sphereon SSI SDK is available as open source for developers to build their own applications using Verifiable Credential technologies.

This Software Development Kit (SDK) provides the functionality you need to issue, share, verify, Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and Verifiable Credendials (VCs) and is available through the Sphereon Github.

Sphereon Wallet

The Sphereon Wallet enables you to store your own private data and gives you full and sole control over whom you want to share your information with!

The Sphereon Wallet is a new breed of open and privacy-preserving applications which gives you full and sole control over your own private information.

eIDAS Signature client

The Sphereon eIDAS Signature client enables you to easily create and verify eIDAS-compliant signatures for documents and data in a privacy-preserving manner.

Your confidential documents or data do not leave your premises. You’re not sending the full document across the wire to a third-party service. Which obviously is much better from a privacy and security perspective.

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