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Re-inventing the pre-employment screening process

The problem: Traditionally the pre-employment screening process is time-consuming manual process. Digital tools to manipulate documents are becoming more and more sophisticated. Officials report a significant increase in document fraud cases. Manual checking becomes harder and harder and error-prone.

Our software simply eliminates document fraud. It enables the automatic verification of pre-employment credentials such as identity documents, professional certifications and licenses, college and university degrees, academic transcripts, employment records, etc.

Our software simply automates the onboarding process. These pre-employment credentials are digital files with labelled data. That also enables us to automatically process the data straight into your HR and Line-of-Business systems.

Our software is based on a technology called Verifiable Credentials. Simply said, this are digital files with labelled data that cannot be tampered with because they are digitally signed.

Our software re-invents pre-employment screening by automating this time-consuming process and making it tamper-proof.

Verifiable Credentials

Verifiable Credentials technology enables an employer to request and receive the documents as digital files from a candidate.

The key is that these digital files have been digitally signed by the issuer: the educational institute, the Justice department, previous employers, certification institutes, etc. Parties that can be trusted.

Because they are digitally signed, the prospective employer can automatically verify that the digital files have not been tampered with and were issued by the trusted party.

The Dutch financial sector

Sphereon is working together with the Velocity Network Foundation and a cohort large companies such as Rabobank, ING, Randstad, Validata, to solve the problems of the pre-employment screening process.


The Healthcare sector

Sphereon is also starting projects in the healthcare sector to eliminate the problem of diploma fraud and falsification of Statements about Good Conduct (the Dutch VOG certificate) and increase the safety of clients and patients.

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