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eWaarmerk.nl Document Certification

Digital documents can easily be manipulated with just simple, basic tools. How can you be sure the document you hold is authentic and has not been tampered with?

Together with our partner eSpecialisten we have created “eWaarmerk”, a solution to digitally sign documents that is specifically aimed at local governments, such as municipalities, water authorities, regional archives.

The eWaarmerk solution allows organizations to sign any digital document, individually or in bulk, which enables recipients and other third parties to check and proof the authenticity of these documents. This creates, restores and guarantees trust in the digital communication between the government, citizens and other stakeholders.

The eWaarmerk application is integrated with most of the case management systems that are used within the government organizations, for example, Corsa, Decos, Djuma, Exxellence, Illionix/QNH PerfectView, SharePoint, Verseon.

eWaarmerk has also been integrated with integration solutions from Enable-U, enabling eWaarmerk to be connected to all government portals and data sources.

For more information: Go to eWaarmerk website – https://www.ewaarmerk.nl/]

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