The smartest document processing platform.

New and unique: An API-driven approach for Document Processing

Sphereon offers an API-driven platform allowing organizations to use Content Services for Information Management and Document Processing. No need to buy and maintain a whole software suite. Just use the functions you need, directly from within your own applications.

APIs to capture and extract data from objects, such as emails, photos, images, and documents. APIs to classify these objects, photos and documents.
And we make it very easy to integrate: without the need of low level programming. This is one of the keys of our success.

The Bridge between Documents and Blockchain

Sphereon is the first company to provide an easy-to-use Blockchain APIs to bridge the gap between document-centric processes and Blockchain.

Use our APIs to capture documents and unstructured data and integrate these with Blockchain to create immutable and independent verifiable records of transactions and Proof of Authenticity of documents, emails and other information objects.

Use our APIs to trigger Smart Contract applications to execute or Smart Contracts to initiate processes and transactions.



The Sphereon document processing platform is Smart … and Fast!

No other document processing platform is as smart as Sphereon. For most functions it combines multiple and best-in-class algorithms to deliver the best possible results.
And which other capture, email or document software already uses Blockchain technology?

Thanks to our modern Microservices architecture, which is easily connectable through APIs.

The Sphereon software platform can be used in your solutions using the traditional 4-step process approach or using the modern API-driven approach.

Or use the more traditional 4 step process approach

1. Collecting

Collect all the incoming information from all possible channels.

Sphereon captures, imports, digitizes and analyzes all your written and digital incoming and outgoing correspondence. From incoming invoices, website posts, claims, mail, forms, registrations or supporting documentst from your customers, suppliers or employees.
All inbound and outbound communications will be collected and processed.

2. Classification

Sphereon recognizes and classifies the information

Using a combination of text analytics, semantics, document analysis and machine learning, Sphereon determines with a 97-99% confidence to which category the information belongs and prioritizes it accordingly.

3. Extracting
Sphereon extracts all data from unstructured and structured information

Sphereon will extract all relevant data from structured¬† — handwritten and printed — forms. But also from unstructured information, such as an email-body, social media post, invoices or letter.
And because it is self-learning, Sphereon gets smarter and more accurate in finding the relevant data.

Sphereon creates structured data form unstructured information.

4. Delivery

Sphereon delivers the documents and data anywhere you want

Sphereon is able to integrate the data seamlessly in practically every back-end system, such as Microsoft SharePoint, Office365 and various other business applications.

Data has now become an active and valuable asset in your business process.

What’s in it for you


The importance of the API-driven economy is growing. APIs make it easier for people, organizations, places, systems, data and algorithms to connect with each other. To develop new experiences, to unlock information and share data and technology; to identify transactions, identities and ownership; to create new products, services and business models.

No single organization will thrive just by itself. Future Success will be based on Agility through Co-creation and Sharing. With new, better and cheaper services as a result. Traditional business models will be replaced.

We know, because we have been there!

The traditional business model of software license sales and big implementation projects has been replaced by SaaS based solutions and Agile Projects.

So, we did a reboot. We took two steps back, re-invented ourselves, and took a great leap forward. With a new vision and a new team that focuses 100% on building the best possible platform for information and document processing. From scratch. With modern, advanced methods and techniques. Combining our years of experience with best-of-class engines and algorithms.

Reboot: Use Sphereon!


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