Document Processing

& Blockchain platform

The Bridge between Documents and Blockchain

Sphereon is the first company to provide easy-to-use solutions for Blockchain to bridge the gap between today’s document-centric processes and Blockchain.

Use Sphereon to process documents and unstructured data and integrate these with Blockchain to create immutable and independent verifiable records of transactions and Proof of Authenticity of documents, emails and other information objects.

Use our Blockchain APIs to automatically trigger Smart Contract applications to execute or to initiate processes and transactions.

We offer Add-ins for MS SharePoint, Office 365, Alfresco, Xillio and more. These allow no-code or low-code integration of our software with you applications.

New and unique: API-driven Software Services

Sphereon is an API-driven software platform enabling organizations to use  Services for Document Processing as well as Blockchain. No need to buy and maintain a whole software suite or develop everything from scratch. Just use the functions you need, directly from within your own applications.

Besides Blockchain, Sphereon offers Services to capture and extract data from objects, such as emails, photos, images, and documents. Services to classify these objects, photos and documents. And many more smart Document Processing services …


The importance of the API-driven economy is growing. APIs make it easier for people, organizations, places, systems, data and algorithms to connect with each other. To develop new experiences, to unlock information and share data and technology; to identify transactions, identities and ownership; to create new products, services and business models.

No single organization will thrive just by itself. Future Success will be based on Agility through Co-creation and Sharing. With new, better and cheaper services as a result. Traditional business models will be replaced.

We know, because we have been there!

The traditional business model of software license sales and big implementation projects has been replaced by SaaS based solutions and Agile Projects.

So, we did a reboot. We took two steps back, re-invented ourselves, and took a great leap forward. With a new vision and a new team that focuses 100% on building the best possible platform for information and document processing. From scratch. With modern, advanced methods and techniques. Combining our years of experience with best-of-class engines and algorithms.

Reboot: Use Sphereon!


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