Creating trust in a digital world

Empower Your Organization with Digital Credential Wallets

Discover how our EU Digital Identity (EUDI) Wallets solutions can streamline your operations, save money, and enhance data integrity.

A secure way to exchange information that automatically verifies the authenticity of data and documents.

BREAKING: We are excited and honored that Sphereon has been selected by the German Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation (SPRIND) as one of the few companies to develop prototypes for the European Digital Identity Wallets (EUDI Wallets).

We pride ourselves on being pioneers in Digital Credentials, having built data exchange and credential solutions for Public Administration, Healthcare, Clinical Trials, Mobility, Education, and other industries.

Our expertise ensures solutions that provide automatic and independent assurance of data, documents, and processes, delivering unparalleled integrity and efficiency. And fully in line with the new EU eIDAS 2 regulation.


Introducing Digital Credentials: a revolutionary technology that offers Assurance, Efficiency, and Privacy:

  • Organisational Credentials

    Enables management of digital credentials for institutions and companies.

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  • Sphereon Wallet

    The Sphereon Wallet enables you to store your own private data and give you full control over your own information!

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  • Sphereon VDX

    Enables you to quickly deploy solutions to share data in a secure, verifiable, and privacy-protective manner.

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  • The Social Wallet

    The Social Wallet initiative bridges the digital divide and supports vulnerable groups and communities with social benefits

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  • Sphereon SSI SDK

    Our open source SDK enables you to quickly build SSI and Verifiable Credential applications and integrations

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  • Sphereon eIDAS Signature client

    Easily create eIDAS compliant signatures for confidential documents, data and credentials.

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Co-creation is key

Our success is a result of the solutions we build together with you as partners.

In this hyper-connected world, no single organization will thrive just by itself. We all need to be part of an ecosystem, a network of enterprises, institutions, partners – and also customers – that work together to create new products, services and business models. Faster and smarter.

You have the knowledge and experience in your market domains. You know the needs. We provide the software platform and the technical knowledge. Together we create the best possible solution.

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