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IT-Services in large organizations are busier than ever. Digital Transformation requires many changes, and even replacement of core information system. Getting a new innovative project on the roadmap is a challenge. In the short-term? Impossible.

Sphereon is able to quickly provide you with a Velocity Network Credential Agent running in a secure Microsoft Azure hosted environment for your dedicated use.

Sphereon offers a dedicated Velocity Network Credential Agent, providing a professional service for managing and verifying digital credentials through a secure, cloud-hosted solution for Velocity Network users.

Start immediately, focus on the use case, and let us take care of the technology.

Here’s a closer look at the foundational elements of our service:

  • Secure Hosting on Microsoft Azure: Our Credential Agent is hosted within Microsoft Azure’s secure cloud environment. This setup ensures robust security measures, including state-of-the-art encryption, network security, and compliance with international cybersecurity standards. Azure’s infrastructure offers resilience against digital threats, maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of the digital credentials managed through our service.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA): Sphereon understands the diverse needs of our clients, offering a comprehensive standard SLA, but that can be tailored to match specific operational requirements and business goals. These agreements detail our commitments regarding service availability, performance metrics, and support responsiveness, ensuring alignment with your expectations for quality and reliability.
  • Privacy and Information Security Policy: Our SaaS-service is governed by a strong Privacy and Information Security Policy, designed to protect your data and comply with global privacy laws. We implement comprehensive security controls. These include encryption in transit, rigorous access management, and periodic security reviews to safeguard the data under our stewardship.
  • Data Processing Agreement (DPA): Sphereon’s DPA clarifies the scope and nature of the data processing activities we undertake on your behalf, including our non-involvement in processing personal information directly. Although our service architecture is designed to merely pass digital credentials through memory — thus not storing personal data — our DPA outlines our obligations for data security, processing conditions, and compliance with privacy regulations, offering you assurance of our data protection principles.

Sphereon can do more for you!

Sphereon offers a range of services designed to help your organization. Whether you need a better understanding of the Velocity system and technology, or need integrations: we have you covered! Here’s how we can help your further:

  • Education and Training: Sphereon can provide you with in-depth education and training to help you and your team understand the underlying technology of digital credentials and the Velocity Network. Our goal is to demystify the technology and demonstrate its potential benefits for your organization, ensuring you can leverage it to its full potential.
  • Integration Services: Our expertise extends to integrating the Velocity Network with your existing Human Resource Management (HRM) systems or other Line of Business (LOB) systems. This integration enables the efficient exchange of verifiable career credentials.
    We must do this in co-creation with your IT-department/team, but leveraging our expertise, we can make this a quick and easy project.
  • Production Deployment: Sphereon specializes in developing enterprise-grade solutions for both issuing and receiving career credentials. Our approach ensures that your organization is equipped with a robust, production-ready system capable of handling verifiable credentials at scale.
  • Enterprise-wide Solutions: Beyond HR applications, Sphereon implements the many possibilities of Verifiable Credentials. We offer solutions for a wide range of use cases including customer onboarding (KYC/AML), supplier onboarding, student onboarding, e-Invoicing, Digital Product Passports, and more, wherever trust in data and documents is important.

About Velocity Network

The Velocity Network is an initiative aimed at how career credentials are shared and verified in the digital age. It offers a decentralized platform where individuals have control over their verified career credentials, including education, skills, and job history.

This “Internet of Careers” allows for the secure and trusted exchange of information between job seekers, employers, and educational institutions. By leveraging a permissioned blockchain network, it ensures data integrity, privacy, and security, facilitating a seamless, efficient, and cost-effective hiring process. The Velocity Network is commitment to empowering individuals while providing organizations with access to reliable, immutable career data, marking a significant advancement in how career information is managed and utilized.


Below is a high level overview of the components making up Sphereon’s Velocity Network Credential Agent:

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We already provide ‘Credential Agent’ services to several large enterprises. We will host a separate and dedicated credential agent for you to issue and verify Velocity Network Credentials.

The main implementation task is to connect the Velocity Network Credential Agent to your Line-of-Business (LOB) systems. Using a Scrum approach, with short iterations (Sprints) of 2 weeks, we’ll work with your technical team to integrate the Velocity Network and/or Sphereon APIs with your systems. We offer a range of integration possibilities, from REST APIs to OpenID integration and Enterprise Services Bus (ESB) integrations.

  • Operational Management and Support: For the duration of the pilot Sphereon will provide operation management and support for the cloud hosting on Microsoft Azure for a period of 6 months. This period can be extended.
  • Personal Data Processing: No personal data will be processed by us. We just just pass it through in memory: no metadata, data or transaction data will be stored or repurposed other than during the communication process of data between your systems and the Velocity Network. Nevertheless, we will handle all data with the utmost care for privacy.

W3C Verifiable Credentials

The Velocity Network is based on the technology of Verifiable Credentials, an open W3C standard specification that enables interoperable exchange of data in a privacy-preserving and verifiable way.

Verifiable Credentials establish trust between parties – individuals, authorities, businesses, devices – by enabling them to automatically assure the authenticity of data and documents and confidently exchange data and work together more effectively.

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