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OpenID Federation
for Findynet

OpenID Federation 1.0: Pioneering a New Standard in Digital Identity Management

Our OpenID Federation project for Findynet Cooperative introduces a transformative suite of libraries and REST APIs that are set to enhance how digital identities are managed across various platforms.

Developed by Sphereon in collaboration with Northern Block, these tools aim to simplify and secure the federation of identity providers (IdPs) and relying parties (RPs).

Enhanced Federation Capabilities

The project focuses on the complexities associated with large-scale deployments and the need for robust federation management. “We see OpenID Federation as the optimal solution for building a network of trust,” states Samuel Rinnetmäki, CTO of Findynet.

Seamless and Secure Integration

The REST APIs, built on top of the foundational libraries, are designed for ease of integration, providing organizations with straightforward solutions to adopt federation capabilities. These APIs are complemented by comprehensive documentation and OpenAPI specifications, facilitating easier adoption and integration. Maarten Boender, CEO of Sphereon, adds, “OpenID Federation is crucial for advancing the decentralized identity landscape, ensuring global interoperability, scalability, and robust security.”

Commitment to Security

Security is a primary focus, with the libraries and APIs designed to safeguard against vulnerabilities and threats inherent in federated environments. The tools are developed to be compliant with the OpenID Federation specification, focusing on privacy and security to protect all communications and user data within federated networks.

Future-Proof and Scalable Solutions

The flexibility and scalability of the OpenID Federation tools support the growth of federated networks by reducing the overhead associated with establishing and maintaining trust relationships. “Achieving digital trust requires robust, governance-backed systems, and we are proud to contribute our solutions to this initiative,” remarks Mathieu Glaude, CEO of Northern Block.

Availability and Community Engagement

The OpenID Federation libraries and APIs will be made available under the Apache 2.0 open-source license to encourage community involvement and broad adoption. The expected delivery will be in Q3 2024.

An optional Trust Registry application that integrates with these libraries offers a catalog of vetted issuers and verifiers, enhancing the trustworthiness and reliability of the credentials issued and verified within the system.

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