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Sphereon offers developers a wide array of advanced REST APIs for Digital Identities, Verifiable Credentials and Blockchain

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On our Sphereon GitHub we offer a range of Digital Identity, Verifiable Credentials, and Blockchain related open-source components, for example:

  • wellknown-did-client
    a library to create DID configuration resources and domain linkage credentials
  • ssi-sdk
    Self Sovereign Identity SDK based on Veramo
  • did-auth-siop
    DID Auth using Self Issued OpenID Provider v2 (SIOP)
  • pex
    A Typescript implementation of the DIF Presentation Exchange specification.

Blockchain APIs

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Blockchain APIs

Sphereon offers two powerful Blockchain APIs that through an abstraction layer is able to support multiple blockchains:

  • Accumulate
  • Factom
  • Multichain
  • Ethereum
  • HyperLedger
  • LTO Network

As such Sphereon offers you a generic API and lets you choose and switch between public, private or permissioned blockchains, as dictated by your use case.


Reduce the time-to-market with functions that are Best-in-Class and that your customers will be happy to pay for.

Document APIs

Besides these Blockchain Gateway Services, Sphereon offers a range of Document APIs to to process documents such as office documents, PDFs, scans, emails, photos, images, videos, and other digital files.

These APIs leverage new technologies, such as Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, to automatically classify documents and extract data. Or combine multiple technologies to return the best possible results for text- and handwriting recognition, conversion of files types, and many more.

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