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We know what’s going on in the Digital identity space and love to share our news, experiences and insights right here.

  • Sphereon Wallet

    The Sphereon Wallet enables you to store your own private data and give you full control over your own information!

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  • Sphereon VDX

    Enables you to quickly deploy solutions to share data in a secure, verifiable, and privacy-protective manner.

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  • The Social Wallet

    The Social Wallet initiative bridges the digital divide and supports vulnerable groups and communities with social benefits

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  • Pioneering Interoperability

    Interoperable solutions enable businesses and individuals to collaborate securely and efficiently through the trusted exchange of data

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  • Explaining Verifiable Credentials

    In essence, a tamper-evident datafile that is cryptographically secured, privacy respecting, and machine-verifiable.

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  • Voorkom fraude met documenten

    Onze software elimineert fraude met document en automatiseert het medewerker onboarding proces.

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  • Sharing Private Data Explained

    How confidential data can be shared, but the data owners still retain full control over their data

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  • GAIA-X member

    Gaia-X and Sphereon collaborate to build a secure data-sharing ecosystem based on European values.

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  • Sphereon SSI SDK

    Our open source SDK enables you to quickly build SSI and Verifiable Credential applications and integrations

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  • Sphereon eIDAS Signature client

    Easily create eIDAS compliant signatures for confidential documents, data and credentials.

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  • The Accumulate Network

    Accumulate is a new kind of blockchain protocol that is organized completely around identities that can be assigned to organizations, people, devices or things.

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  • Velocity Network member

    As a member of the Velocity Network we provide services like education, implementation, integration, hosting, that you can benefit from.

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  • Sphereon Well Known DID client

    Announcement of our release of a client for Well Known DIDs.

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  • Sphereon and bloXmove partnership

    Sphereon and bloXmove have partnered and are joining forces to improve transaction- and onboarding processes in the Power and Mobility sectors.

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  • Les Ambassadeurs Casino Revolutionize Gambling

    London's exclusive Les Ambassadeurs Casino bets on Blockchain leaders Sphereon and LTO to revolutionize gambling

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