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Digital Transformation is full on. Any company that is not moving to digital business models will be left behind. Adopt or Die.

With Sphereon we’re right in the middle of it. With our API platform, with its advanced Blockchain and AI functions, and as a business ourselves.

We know what’s going on and love to keep you posted. Sharing our experiences and insights right here.

  • Velocity Network member

    As a member of the Velocity Network we provide services like education, implementation, integration, hosting, that you can benefit from.

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  • Sphereon Well Known DID client

    Announcement of our release of a client for Well Known DIDs.

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  • Sphereon and bloXmove partnership

    Sphereon and bloXmove have partnered and are joining forces to improve transaction- and onboarding processes in the Power and Mobility sectors.

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  • Les Ambassadeurs Casino Revolutionize Gambling

    London's exclusive Les Ambassadeurs Casino bets on Blockchain leaders Sphereon and LTO to revolutionize gambling

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  • Sphereon receives another government grant

    For building a digital patient wallet and eConsent solution

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  • Sphereon VDX – Verifiable Data Exchange

    Enables users to share data in a secure, verifiable, and privacy-protective manner

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  • DIF Presentation Exchange & SIOP v2

    The Presentation Exchange enables  a Verifier and a Holder to exchange Verifiable Credential data

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  • Sphereon supports Microsoft’s ION DID network

    DIDs enable individuals, companies, and machines to form trusted relations using verifiable proofs

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  • Sphereon wins an European Union grant

    Sphereon awarded an European Union grant for SSI Presentation Exchange

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  • Sphereon and LTO Network co-create MyCompanyWallet

    A digital wallet designed for companies to securely store and share validated company data

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  • eIDAS to SSI bridge

    Sphereon bridges the gap between European eIDAS regulations and Self Sovereign Identities (SSI), increasing the value and usability of digital identities in the European markets.

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  • Triall uses blockchain to realize the future of clinical trials

    Blockchain-integrated microservices to facilitate safe and efficient data exchange

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  • Verifiable Credentials

    A practical example of Verifiable Credentials: International Travel with a Minor

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  • Special Investigator Identities for Justis

    Ministry of Justice and Security awarded Sphereon the contract to enable Special Investigators to identify themselves in a privacy-preserving manner.

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  • Residential Property Management

    In close cooperation with Karora Technologies, Virtualdeveloper.com and Digital Asset, Sphereon won a contract to enhance GoFresh Homes residential property operations.

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