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Business Benefits of
eIDAS solutions

eIDAS: Empowering Businesses with Trust, Security, and Efficiency

Adopting eIDAS solutions will benefit your business by building a foundation of trust, enhancing security, streamlining operations, and saving costs. By implementing eIDAS solutions, businesses can meet current regulatory requirements and at the same time improve customer expectations and future-proof their operations for the evolving digital economy.

Sphereon’s insights into eIDAS benefits highlight the pivotal role these digital tools play in modernizing businesses, ensuring they are poised for success in today’s digital landscape.

Improve Customer Experience with eIDAS Solutions

  • Trusted Website (QWAC): Elevate your website’s credibility with a Qualified Website Authentication Certificate, ensuring the highest level of trust and security for your visitors. This digital certificate is a testament to your commitment to safety and reliability.
  • Effortless Customer Identification (eID): Streamline access to your products or services with secure and trusted customer identification. eID provides a hassle-free method for customers to verify their identity, enhancing their experience and your service accessibility.
  • Authentic Data Exchange (eID Credential Wallet): Facilitate smooth and trustworthy exchanges of data and documents. The eID Credential Wallet assures the authenticity of the information shared, making transactions more efficient and reliable.
  • Convenient Document Signing (eSignature): Enable customers to legally sign and agree to documents electronically. eSignature offers a remote, secure way for document approval, making processes faster and more user-friendly.

Increase Digital Services Security

  • Website Assurance (QWAC): Guarantee your website’s integrity and protect it from vulnerabilities with QWAC, providing confidence to your users that your platform is secure and trustworthy.
  • Verified Customer Identity (eID): Secure your operations by ensuring you know exactly who you’re dealing with. eID allows for a reliable verification process, safeguarding against identity fraud.
  • Reliable Data Authenticity (eID Credential Wallet): Enhance the security of your data exchange processes with the eID Credential Wallet. This solution ensures the authenticity and integrity of the data received, providing a secure and efficient way to handle sensitive information and foster trust in digital interactions.
  • Secure Document Exchange (ERDS): Protect your digital documents against loss, theft, or tampering with ERDS. This system ensures that your documents are securely sent and received, maintaining confidentiality and integrity.
  • Document Protection (eTimestamp and eSeal): Shield your documents from back-dating and tampering. eTimestamp and eSeal validate the creation time and authenticity of your electronic documents, offering peace of mind in document handling.

Enhance Efficiency and Reduce Costs

  • Streamlined Identification Process (eID): Save valuable time and resources with eID’s streamlined identification process. This allows for faster customer onboarding and transaction processing, cutting down on operational costs.
  • Efficient Data Processing (eID Credential Wallet): Improve your data handling with the eID Credential Wallet, enabling straight-through processing that saves time and reduces expenses.
  • Cost-Effective Document Exchange (ERDS): Transition from traditional mail to electronic document exchange with ERDS. This method is not only faster but also significantly reduces mailing costs.
  • Remote Document Signing (eSigning): Facilitate agreements and contracts without physical presence through eSigning. This capability saves time and money, streamlining contract processes and enhancing convenience for both parties.

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