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A Bit About Us

Blockchain & Document Processing Specialists

Sphereon is the first company to provide easy-to-use solutions for Blockchain to bridge the gap between today’s world of often document-centric business processes and Blockchain.

We have our history in document processing

We have our roots in Business Process Management and Document Processing. We developed and implemented award-winning software systems for years.
We’re still specialists in this field.

Agility, Co-creation and Sharing

But the world is changing. Today it is all about Agility. No single organization will thrive just by itself.

Future Success will be based on Co-creation and Sharing. With new, better and cheaper software and services as a result. Traditional business models will be replaced.


So, we did a reboot and re-invented ourselves.

With a new vision and a 100% focus on building the best possible API-based platform for our industry. From scratch.

With modern, advanced methods and techniques. Where we’re combining our years of experience in information- and document processing with the latest technologies, such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

Our API-driven software platform

APIs are a crucial building-block in today’s API economy. Where it is all about agility and co-creation is the name of the game.

APIs make it easier for people, organizations, places, systems, data and algorithms to connect with each other. To develop new experiences, to unlock information and share data and technology; to identify transactions, identities and ownership; to create new products, services and business models.

Based on our experience and feedback from our partners and customers, we developed the Sphereon API-driven software platform. This allows us to offer our customers a very close integration with their applications and adapt to their needs.

Creating Solutions Together

Come Join Us!


We’re hiring!

If you’re really looking to use and extend your skill-set, work on great software, using the latest technologies, working with a diverse group of people, on projects that matter?
Then this is the perfect opportunity for you!

We offer you an opportunity to work on some fantastic projects: improving social benefit programs, providing control of people over their identity and personal data, improving stewardship of novel antibiotics, launching novel financial services, sharing verifiable claims such as competencies, certificates, diplomas, or providing support for medical trials, and many more interesting projects.

We help our clients create information that can be trusted. We add Authenticity and Integrity to all data and documents you process.

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