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Together with our partners we build standard out-of-the box integrations. For example, with Alfresco, Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, Off-Blocks, Triall.io and many others.

Our success is a result of the solutions we build together

That is our firm believe, and that is what we do every day, creating new products, services and business models faster and smarter. And we will gladly help you with your integration.

You have the knowledge and experience in your business and market domains.

We provide the software platform and together we create the best solutions.

Off-Blocks is a mobile-first solution for signing data and documents with a smartphone.

Sign documents, Protect Creations, Secure Evidence

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  • Integration of Verifiable Credentials for DAML Workflows

    Integration of W3C Verifiable Credentials with DAML workflows

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  • Sphereon Blockchain and Document Processing Platform

    Software platform for Document Processing, Data Capture & Blockchain

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  • Online Digitale Besluitvorming

    Digitale Besluitvorming op afstand met een Digitale ID en Blockchain

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  • Digitally Sign All Your Outgoing Documents

    Easily apply a visible digital signature to all your outgoing documents and prevent fraud!

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  • VDC Contract Management

    Solving challenges with contract- and records management with blockchain

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  • Digital Preservation through PDF/A and XML

    Use PDF/a and XML to ensure that documents and data are preserved for the future

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  • Clinical Trials: the Verial eTMF application

    Triall.io, the world’s first clinical medical trial utilizing blockchain technology in production

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  • SharePoint Blockchain Add-in

    Sphereon was the world's first company to bring Blockchain to SharePoint.

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  • DAML Smart Contracts

    Gateway for DAML with Document Management Systems, Tokenization and Stablecoins

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  • ScanIT: professional scan software for daily office use

    ORION ScanIT is a powerful and scalable system to scan, ocr, index and share documents.

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  • Alfresco Blockchain Solutions

    A crucial bridge between Alfresco and new technologies, such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

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  • Off-Blocks.com Digital Signatures

    Off-Blocks is a solution to sign data and documents with a smartphone.

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