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We build solutions where data can be trusted. Where you can trust your customers, suppliers and partners. And where they can trust you.

We’re Sphereon! Creating Trust in a Digital World.

  • OpenID Federation for Findynet

    Sphereon is implementing OpenID Federation for the Finnish national Findynet Cooperative.

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  • eIDAS Business Benefits

    Sphereon’s insights into the immediate benefits of eIDAS for businesses.

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  • Velocity Network SaaS-service

    As a part of the Velocity Network eco system we provide services like implementation, hosting, integration and education.

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  • The Social Wallet

    The Social Wallet initiative bridges the digital divide and supports vulnerable groups and communities with social benefits

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  • Explaining Digital Credentials

    In essence, a tamper-evident datafile that is cryptographically secured, privacy respecting, and machine-verifiable.

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  • Voorkom fraude met documenten

    Onze software elimineert fraude met document en automatiseert het medewerker onboarding proces.

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  • Sharing Private Data Explained

    How confidential data can be shared, but the data owners still retain full control over their data

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  • Pre-employment screening

    Our software simply eliminates document fraud and automates the pre-employment onboarding process.

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  • Sign confidential documents

    Sign documents and data in a privacy-preserving manner. Your confidential files do not leave your premises.

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  • Digital Identity Cards

    A digital identity card solution for employees, contractors, and officers, enabling passwordless access to systems and locations

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  • eServiceCard: Benefits tokenization

    Using tokenization for secure settlement and efficient operations of your community service programs

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  • PDF Sign and Seal API Service

    Prevent tampering and fraud by digitally sealing your PDF documents!

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