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Our software platform offers many possibilities: from multi-channel digital document processing solution, to your own applications and workflows using our advanced APIs to process data used by thousands of users across multiple organizations.

Sphereon solutions for:

Blockchain Solutions

How to prevent Loss of Trust in a Digital World? Where it is surprisingly easy to tamper with digital documents?
Use Blockchain to certify and verify documents and data and provide trust and transparency.

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Solutions for SharePoint

Sphereon adds powerful Document Content Services to SharePoint and Office 365 using a standard SharePoint Add-in provider.

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Sphereon solutions by Branch:


Create innovative solutions for personal and commercial finance using our advanced processing functions.

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Public Services

Provide ‘Trust’ in this digital world by guaranteeing the authenticity of all your digital documents and communications.

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Save time and money by streamlining the document processes in your Student Administration. Use Blockchain to provide trusted and secured credentials, certificates and diplomas.

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Human Resources

Save time and gain control on the administrative side of human resource management by automating tasks like filing and pruning employee’s records and documents.

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Sphereon point solutions:

KYC - Onboarding

Improving onboarding processes is an essential goal for organizations that want to enhance their relationship with customers, clients and employees to grow the business.

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Digital Mailroom

Our Digital Mailroom solution saves your organization significant operational costs by replacing most manual mailroom task by an Artificial Intelligence self-learning system.

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PDF/A Conversion

Convert MS Office files, such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Vision, Images, E-mails, Webpages, AutoCAD to a ISO standard PDF/A file.

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Sphereon Blockchain API

Sphereon offers its own easy to use Blockchain API. This high-level, blockchain agnostic, API, hides away the complexities of the different Blockchain infrastructures, such as wallets, coins, etc.

Using Sphereon’s Blockchain API enables you to create all kinds of innovative solutions.

A common use case is Proof of Existence, which allows you to sign and verify objects on a Blockchain. Using our Blockchain API it is possible to publish information on a public shared ledger that is fully immutable, since it is backed by the Bitcoin network.

More elaborate options like Proof of Processing, Proof of Audit or ‘Smart contracts’ are also possible. If required, we also support permissioned and private Blockchains, as well as Ethereum. You can create all kinds of applications yourself by using our general Blockchain API or simply use one of the other APIs we provide.

Sphereon Blockchain API PDF
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Content Services for Microsoft SharePoint

Sphereon adds powerful Document Processing functions to SharePoint.

Sphereon allows organizations to extend and enhance Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 by providing a standard SharePoint Add-in for Information Management and Document Processing.

Content Services APIs to capture and extract data from objects, such as emails, photos, images, and documents. Content Services to classify these objects, photos and documents.

Or use our Blockchain solution to encrypt and digitally sign documents for Information Governance.