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The EU eIDAS2.0

The new EU eIDAS2.0 regulation

On May 20, 2024, the European Union marked a transformative moment with the enforcement of EU Regulation 2024/1183. This groundbreaking regulation introduces the European Digital Identity Wallets, set to revolutionize the security and functionality of digital identity across Europe.

This pivotal change promises to reshape interactions between citizens and digital services, ensuring their privacy and streamlining their access to public and private services across the Union.

Time line

  • 20-05-2024: EU-Regulation 2024/1183 has entered into force.
  • 21-11-2024: Initial Implementation Acts by all EU Member States.
  • 21-05-2025: Update Implementation Acts by all EU Member States.
  • 21-11-2026: Mandatory Issuance of EUDI Wallets by member states.
  • 21-11-2027: Mandatory Acceptance by organizations.


EU-Regulation 2024/1183 has entered into force.

On May 20th 2024 the new eIDAS 2.0 regulation (2024/1183) has entered into force, establishing the framework for the European Digital Identity Wallets.
This regulation is a crucial step towards enhancing secure and universal access to digital services for EU citizens.


Initial Implementation Acts by all EU Member States.

This initial implementation acts, already due in November 2024, should include the initial set of implementing measures which each member state are required to enact to align with the new standards set by the EU regulation.
This will involve setting up necessary infrastructures, defining procedural details, or other foundational requirements essential for the regulation to operate effectively from the outset.


Update Implementation Acts by all EU Member States.

The second version of the implementation acts, scheduled for May 2025, possibly include additional and/or adjusted measures based on the experiences and feedback from the initial implementation phase.
This allows for refining the processes, addressing any gaps identified, or expanding the regulations as required to ensure comprehensive and effective application across all member states.


Mandatory Issuance of EUDI Wallets by member states.

By this date, all EU member states are required to have systems in place to provide European Digital Identity Wallets to any resident who requests one. Remember, these wallets are voluntary!

This is a crucial step in ensuring that all EU citizens and residents have access to digital services and can manage their identities online securely.

The EUDI Wallets are meant to be a standardized, secure, and widely accepted means of electronic identification across the EU.


Mandatory Acceptance by organizations.

The following year, by November 2027, all relying parties (which include institutions, businesses, organizations, and government services that require personal information from residents) must accept the EUDI Wallets as a valid form of digital identification and data sharing.

This step is intended to ensure full operability and utility of the EUDI Wallets across all sectors, facilitating seamless access to a wide range of online and offline services throughout the European Union.

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