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Sphereon VDX Verifiable Data Exchange

Sphereon VDX, our Verifiable Data Exchange platform, enables you to quickly deploy solutions to share data.

  • Securely because data and documents are digitally signed by the issuer.
  • Privacy-preserving because they’re held and controlled by the owner.
  • Thrustworthy because they’re automatically validated by the recipient.
  • Interoperable because they’re based on W3C and ISO open standards.


Sphereon VDX, the Verifiable Data Exchange platform

Based on open W3C standards and specifications for Decentralized Identifiers (DID) and Verifiable Credentials (VC), our data exchange solutions are globally interoperable and connect seamlessly with existing IAM and Business Applications using common OpenID Connect integrations, trustless self-issued OpenID Connect (SIOP), OpenID Connect for Verifiable Credential Issuance (OIDC4VCI), and OpenID Connect for Verifiable Presentations (OIDC4VP).

  • Quickly build and deploy solutions to share data and documents.
  • Guarantee that everything you share remains authentic. By digitally signing data and documents at the source.
  • Verify the authenticity of data and documents you receive.
  • Ingest and process them automatically into your backend systems.
  • Provide independent verification to others, with no need to provide access to your systems.
  • Protect the privacy of the subjects of the data: the people or organizations the data or documents are about:
    • By giving them the control over sharing them with others. Or not.
    • By allowing them to selectively share data with others.

The Sphereon VDX platform enables you to quickly deploy solutions to share data and documents in public administration, healthcare, finance, services, mobility, education and other industries.

Technical specifications:

  • Available as SaaS, self-hosted, or combination
  • Multi-tenant with authorization levels at group/department/user level
  • Key management at group and user level, with key usage bound to users/groups
  • Supports signing and verification of Verifiable Credentials
    • Simple X.509 signing (local, non-HSM)
    • Non-Cades/Jades signatures
      • Ed25519Signature2018
      • EcdsaSecp256k1Signature2019
      • EcdsaSecp256k1RecoverySignature2020
      • JsonWebSignature2020
      • RsaSignature2018
      • BBS+ BbsBlsSignature2020
    • eIDAS-bridge for eIDAS-compliant QTSP (DigiCert) for AES and QES signatures
  • Next to signing Verifiable Credential, VDX supports
    • Generic signing of any digital file or object
    • Signing of PDF using Adobe AATL certificates (blue bar)
Hardware security
  • Support for Hardware Security Modules (HSM)
    • Cloud-based, e.g. Microsoft Azure KeyVault, DigiCert
    • HSM FIPS 140-2 Level 2 or 3, Common Criteria CP5
  • DIF VC-JWT Interop profile
  • OpenID Connect integration for authentication federation to existing systems
  • DIF Presentation Exchange integration, bridging existing IT-systems with SSI-wallets
    • OpenID Connect for Verifiable Credential Issuance (OIDC4VCI)
    • OpenID Connect for Verifiable Presentations (OIDC4VP)
    • Support for SIOPv2 and DIDcomm
  • Microsoft Entra (Azure Active Directory)
  • Event streaming
  • Audit trial
  • Scalability/failover features

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