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Sphereon VDX Verifiable Data Exchange

Sphereon VDX, our digital credential solution for organisations, enables you to quickly deploy solutions to share data.

  • Streamline Processes: leads to faster onboarding and low abandonments.
  • Cost Saving: through automated verification and processing.
  • Verified Data: the data is provided by the original authentic source.
  • Secure: the data is digitally signed and automatically verifiable.
  • Compliance: be compliant with the new EU eIDAS2.0 regulations.

Sphereon VDX facilitates secure and compliant exchange of personal and legal entity data, simplifies the process of data provision, and enhances the user’s experience, resulting in far fewer abandonments and thrustworthy data.

Based on the new EU eIDAS2.0 regulation for digital identity wallets (EUDI Wallet) we created a comprehensive digital credential management solution.

Key Benefits:

  • Sphereon VDX enhances your operational capabilities by delivering significant benefits across various aspects of business performance and security. Check the benefits …

Tackling Organizational Challenges

  • Sphereon VDX delivers tailored solutions to tackle key organizational challenges, from regulatory compliance and operational efficiency to technical complexity and security risks. Discover how …

Engineered for Excellence

  • Discover how Sphereon VDX leverages eIDAS2.0 standards, ISO, W3C, and OpenID specifications to offer a globally interoperable, robust solution for decentralized identity management. Explore the specs …

The Sphereon VDX platform enables you to quickly deploy solutions to share data and documents in public administration, healthcare, finance, services, mobility, education and other industries.

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