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Control Your DataThe Sphereon Wallet

The Sphereon Wallet enables you to store your own private data and gives you full and sole control over whom you want to share your information with!

The Sphereon Wallet represents a new class of cutting-edge, open, and privacy-centric applications, ensuring that you maintain exclusive control over your personal information.

Your data is stored nowhere else but on your phone. It enables you to manage your own data. Nobody else will have access to your information, unless you decide you want to share your information with someone else. And what to share.

The Sphereon Wallet enables you to request and receive so-called Verifiable Credentials from official sources, institutions, enterprises, or other organizations. Verifiable credentials are digital records that act as proof of a person’s identity, qualifications, roles, achievements, or other attributes.

Download for free and try it yourself: Sphereon Wallet Demo 🔗

Download the Sphereon Wallet from the respective App Store.

Functionalities offered:

  • Manage your own data (Credential Management)
  • Receive Credentials (VCs), such as qualifications, roles, achievements, or other attributes, from trusted parties
  • Share your data, on-demand, after your consent, with parties you trust
  • Multi-persona: you can create multiple identities

Technologies used:

  • W3C Decentralized Identifiers (DID)
    • DID methods: ion, jwk, key, web, ethr, lto, factom, accumulate , cheqd , ebsi*
  • W3C Verifiable Credentials (VC)
    • W3C JWT and LDP/JSON-LD credentials
  • OpenID Connect to exchange Credentials between parties
    • OpenID for Verifiable Credential Issuance (OID4VCI)
    • OpenID for Verifiable Presentations (OID4VP)
    • Self Issued Open ID V2 (SIOPv2)
  • DIF Presentation Exchange
    • OpenID for Verifiable Credentials
    • DIDComm messaging v2 & WACI DIDComm
    • VC API* and CHAPI
    • JWT VC Presentation Profile
  • DIF Well Known DID Configuration
  • DIF Credential Manifest
    • Uniform rendering and representation library*
    • Card/Graphical and textual views*
  • Mnemonic seed and key derivation with backup
  • Microsoft Entra Verified ID integration
  • Sphereon VDX Platform integration

(*) Being updated or added soon

Free and open source

The Sphereon Wallet is available for free and can be dowloaded from the Apple Store® and Google Play Store®

The Sphereon Wallet is open source (GPLv3) and is available on the Sphereon Github.

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