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ValidSign and Sphereon announce a strategic partnership to support organizations using Digital Signatures to sign any digital file leveraging the power of the Factom Blockchain. Exchange of information in our society is increasingly digital. This obviously has many advantages. However, digital...

Records Management “The field of management responsible for the efficient and systematic control of the creation, receipt, maintenance, use and disposition of records, including the processes for capturing and maintaining evidence of and information about business activities and transactions in the...

  The main goal of information governance is to provide decision-makers and stakeholders with data they can trust, while reducing legal risks to the organization. Sphereon extends and strengthens information governance and compliance by automating the certification of documents and transactions using...

Dutch world premiere during European SharePoint Conference in Vienna Blockchain is now available for everyday document processing. Since the introduction of blockchain technology in SharePoint by Sphereon this week, the technology is now available for large-scale and daily usage of documents...