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Easily integrate your Business Applications and Processes with Blockchain

Sphereon offers the expertise and technology to easily integrate your Business Applications and Processes with Blockchain, enabling you to provide Authenticity and Trust to all information you create, process, store, share and distribute.

Here we list some of our Use cases for Blockchain solutions.

Certify and Authenticate All Your Information

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Better Clinical Trials

Provide Authenticity and Trust to all information you create, process and share.

You can use Blockchain to build solutions that can proof the authenticity of data, files and documents. Any digital object that you receive, create, store or share can be verified independently and proven to be authentic, or not.

It is important to note that the content itself is not written to the Blockchain! Only those that has legitimate access to this object can verify the authenticity.

When the object is unchanged, the registration will be found on the Blockchain This registration includes a digital signature to be able to identify the originator and a timestamp of the date and time of registration.

Verifiable Credentials

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Credentials for BOAs

A Verifiable Credential is a tamper-evident data-object that contains a specific Claim and that is cryptographically secure, privacy respecting, and machine-verifiable. That Claim can be about something or someone. Anything really.

  • a certification of origin, like for coffee, steel or timber
  • the value or providence of a diamond, piece of art or (antique) car
  • your qualification or achievement, like a diploma, degree, certificate or competency
  • personal information, like your birthday, address, bank account

What makes a Claim Verifiable is that it is digitally signed by an Issuer, like the government, school, employer, and that this can be independently verified by you and others.
Trust is derived from the fact that it is signed by one or multiple parties that you (or the third party) trusts.

Better Digital Signatures

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Better Digital Signatures

Use Blockchain to sign any digital object, not just PDFs, with a legally binding Digital Signature.

Data, files and documents can be exchanged between stakeholders who can then review them and digitally sign files for approval rejection.

Without the disadvantages of traditional digital signatures. Which are limited to just PDFs and Word documents and which need for a central Certificate Authority or central Time-stamping server.

And since in our solution the Digital Signature lives independent of the object this also enables parallel signing and independent verification, with or without the object itself.

Verifiable audit-trails

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Better Audit-trails

When you have a business process, you can use Blockchain to create an immutable and verifiable audit-trails to log all steps and transactions in the process and the data and documents associated with them.

These audit-trail can be verified independently by any stakeholder with access to the information. This creates trust in a world where trust is in short supply.


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