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Better Audit Trails

Creating Trust in a Digital World

Digital Transformation is one of the most important trends of today and the coming years. Organizations are replacing paper processes by new digital processes.

We have to trust the reliability and honesty of authorities and companies that store and keep the data safe and true.

Fortunately, there are checks and balances to help with that. Auditors, Authorities and Regulators check and enforce compliance with rules and regulations.

Declining confidence in digital information

Trust in digital information has declined sharply and continues to decline.

However, every day there are reports that break this trust. Fake news, data leaks, hacking or plain malicious tampering with data or files. Any somewhat computer-literate person can simply adapt a pdf-file or download some tool to create fake photos or videos.

As a result, trust in digital products — and the organizations that produce them — continues to erode.

“The most consequential companies of the next generation will be the ones that prioritize security, privacy, and data ethics. The ones that don’t are facing a costly problem.”

Better Audit Trails

Sphereon has created several standard integrations with Business IT systems, such as Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint, Alfresco and others, to create immutable audit trails.

Sphereon is coming from an enterprise software background, with a focus on Business Process Management and Document Processing.

We know that organizations are heavily vested in existing Business IT systems and that implementing new technologies can only be successful if they can easily be integrated in the existing IT landscape.

Sphereon has standard plug-ins and integrations for existing systems, such as Alfresco, Kofax, Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365 and others. Each step in a process is linked to a specific case, document version, associated data and action, creating a chain of transactions.

An auditable trail that can then be verified by (authorized) third parties, providing Transparency, Compliance and — most importantly — Trust.

Create independently verifiable audit trails

Using our Blockchain API you can register each step in a process on a Blockchain.

Each registration is linked to a specific case, object, version and action, creating a chain of transactions: an independently verifiable audit trail.

Create Trust

As this audit trail can then be verified by (authorized) third parties, this provides a high level of transparency.

Internal- and external controllers, stakeholders and regulatory bodies can easily verify Compliance, which — most importantly — results in Trust.

Trust through Independent Verification

With the registration of all the actions in a process on a Blockchain, linked with an anchor to the exact version of the underlying data and documents, this enables independent verification, with or without the necessity of having access to the object or data itself.

This enables independent verification, with or without the necessity of actually having access to the object itself. You can proof, and others can verify, the authenticity of the process with a Blockchain notarized audit-log.

It also enables you to keep the original information safe. Any confidential information doesn’t need to be shared to proof that it is authentic and has not been tampered with. The information itself can be kept confidential.

Why accept anything less?

Regulators and auditors already require you to keep audit-logs for all your transaction systems.

As such, why would you accept anything else than immutable audit-logs!?

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