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4. Sharing Credentials with a Verifier

You can share Verifiable Credentials with so called Verifiers or Relying Parties. The wallet has support for multiple open standards to share these Credentials. Currently on the OpenID for Verifiable Presentations standard is enabled.

OpenID for Verifiable Presentations (OID4VP) process

The current wallet supports the new OID4VP specification for sharing credentials. To share a credential from the wallet with the Verifier, using OpenID for Verifiable Presentations (OID4VP) the following steps can be followed.

Credential overview screen

  1. Launch the wallet.
  2. Navigate to the QR reader at the bottom left.
  3. Scan one of the QR codes of the following verifiers:

Note: your wallet must contain a corresponding credential (see 3. Receiving a credential)

New contact creation

  • The first time you encounter a new Issuer or Verifier, a Contact needs to be created for that party.
  • The Wallet will pre-fill a suggest name. You can change that to something you want.
  • Please note that you have to press the Accept button and make sure the checkbox is enabled.

You will now go to the overview screen from where you will have to select the required Verifiable Credentials from your wallet. An error will be displayed if the Verifier is asking information not present in your wallet.

Select a required credentials

  • You need to click on the list items in the screen showing the “Select a credential” message.

Note: The texts in these list items come from the Verifier and should provide you with hints on why the information is needed.

After you click on a single list-item for a specific input requirement, you will go to the overview screen of available Verifiable Credentials that can satisfy this requirement.

Select a credential from the wallet

  • On the available credentials screen you can directly touch/select the Credential using the image or checkbox.
  • Or you can click on the text next to it, to actually view the details of the Credential.
Review Credential details

  • When you can click on the text next to it, you actually view the details of the Credential.
  • You will see 1 credential selected.
  • Use the Select button to select this credential for sharing.


Note: the current version of the wallet only supports 1 credential per input requirement, but does support multiple input requirements from a Verifier.


Share Credential

  • You will now see 1 credential selected.
  • The share button should now be enabled and you should see a green checkmark next to the input requirement.
  • Press the Share button to actually share this credential with the Verifier.


Credential successfully shared

  • The credential has now been successfully shared with the Verifier.
  • Typically the Verifier system where you first scanned the QR-code will now respond and show you some message or change it’s UI-screen.


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