Information Governance and Compliance with Blockchain

Information Governance and Compliance with Blockchain


The main goal of information governance is to provide decision-makers and stakeholders with data they can trust, while reducing legal risks to the organization.

Sphereon extends and strengthens information governance and compliance by automating the certification of documents and transactions using Blockchain technologies.

Sphereon seamlessly integrates into Alfresco electronic record keeping for business processes and applications.

Adding Sphereon to Alfresco makes compliance effortless, efficient and 100% tamper-proof and reliable!


What’s all the fuzz about Blockchain?

Blockchain, best known as the underlying technology for Bitcoin, provides a Distributed Ledger mechanism to lock and share information and making it independently verifiable and audit-able.

Blockchain removes the need for blind trust in a central authority by fragmenting authority across many independent systems and consensus-based verification of transactions.

This is the foundation of a new generation of transactional applications that establishes trust, accountability and transparency, while streamlining business processes.


Bridging the gap between Documents and Blockchain

Sphereon is the first company to provide easy-to-use solutions and Plug-ins to bridge the gap between today’s document-centric processes and Blockchain.

There are many business cases for the use of Blockchain. One way to group these are by the following type of Business Cases:

  • Proof of Authenticity and Existence
  • Proof of Processing
  • and so-called ‘Smart Contracts’

Read more about these Blockchain solutions


Integration with Alfresco

The Out-of-the-box Alfresco integration is with both Content Services and Process Services. We provide high-level and low-code integration using (Content) Transformer , Folder-based Rules & Actions, as well as API-level integration for document actions and workflows.

The Sphereon Alfresco Package can be downloaded by registered users. Each organization requires an Authorization Accces Token for use of the Sphereon APIs. They will be charged based on actual use. Pricing is available upon request.

The Sphereon Alfresco integration source code is available for developers as Open Source under the liberal LGPL license.


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