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Alfresco Blockchain Solutions

Our Sphereon software platform is the crucial bridge between Alfresco Content and Process Services and new technologies, such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

Alfresco Content Services is recognized as the technology leader in Enterprise Content Management (ECM). We have extended Alfresco to apply powerful Blockchain functions to your content.

Using Blockchain, you are able to prove, beyond any doubt, that all content you capture, create, store, archive, share or distribute is 100% authentic and has not been tampered with.


Standard Alfresco integration

The platform integrates seamlessly into Alfresco Share and the Alfresco Development Framework (ADF).

The Sphereon integration is delivered as an Alfresco Module Package (AMP) that needs to be installed in your Alfresco environment. The AMP itself is lean and offloads the workloads to our elastic high-performance cloud infrastructure.
All you have to worry about is installation and configuration of the AMP.

Sphereon’s integration is available for

  • Transformation (action /rules)
  • Content Services (interactive Actions)
  • Process Services (workflow Actions)
  • Governance Services

Blockchain for Record Management and Compliance

But also more advanced functions, for example, to Register & Verify Documents using Blockchain to guarantee authenticity of documents. This is a very valuable addition for Record Management and Compliance purposes.


We have added standard Content Transformer and Document Action configuration to convert documents from mime-type A to mime-type B, for example, from MS Office to PDF/A.


All Actions also available from code, allowing the seamless integration of these functions with Alfresco workflows.

Open Source

All of the Sphereon integration source code is available as Open Source under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

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