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Demo Instructions

2. Setting up your wallet

Since the Wallet is a so-called Self Sovereign Identity Wallet, no information you provide during the onboarding will be shared with any external party. That includes the developer (Sphereon) of the Wallet. You will always be asked when receiving or sharing data with external systems.

The user details you provide during the onboarding are only used for local personalization of the wallet, supporting multiple profiles and future features of the Wallet. There is no e-mail validation or external system involved.

The onboarding process

Launch the Sphereon Wallet
Once you start the Sphereon Wallet the first time you will be greeted by the Welcome screen:

  • Click the button at the bottom and read the Welcome texts.
  • After clicking the button at the bottom on the 3rd screen you will go to the Terms and Conditions screen.
Accept the terms of service

  • Make sure to enable boxes at the bottom, otherwise you will not be able to use the wallet.
  • After clicking Accept you will go to the Personal Details screen next.
Personal details

  • Fill out your personal details to personalize the wallet.
    No information will be shared! All data wil remain on your device!
  • Click on Next:
Choose a pin code

  • Enter a pincode which you need to remember (right now there is no way to recover your pincode!).
  • After you entered 6 digits you will automatically go to the verify pincode screen.
Verify your pin code

  • Enter your pincode a 2nd time for verification.
  • You will then go to the Personal Details overview screen.
Verify the data you entered

  • Review the details. Go back to previous screens if you have made an error.
  • If everything is okay click on the ” Finalize and go to my wallet” button.
Finalizing the wallet setup

  • The wallet is being set up.
Your first credential

  • You will now enter the general Verifiable Credential Overview screen.
  • Congratulations. You have successfully onboarded.
  • You have also created a first self-asserted Verifiable Credential in your Wallet.

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