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GoFresh Homes: enhancing residential property operations

Sphereon wins contract to enhance residential property management

Together with our partners Karora Technologies, Virtualdeveloper.com and Digital Asset we won a contract to enhance the residential property operations for GoFresh Homes.

GoFresh Homes is a fast-growing Colorado-based company that is investing in affordable quality mobile homes, creating positive returns for their investors, park owners and families that now are able to achieve affordable housing for themselves and their families.

Challenge: streamlining residential property management

As GoFresh Homes is growing fast, efficiently managing residential properties is becoming increasingly important.  Not only for duties as maintenance- and repair services for existing properties, but also when evaluating new parks and properties, ranging anywhere between tens to thousands properties at a time.

Each property comes with a bunch of paperwork: past and current contracts, financial and maintenance history, building and inspection reports, valuations, pictures, etc. New rentals come with identification records, income statements, rental history, etc.

In short, a whole lot of documents in many forms and formats. How to efficiently manage that?

Our solution approach

The basis of the solution is Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint, ideal to organize, store share all those documents in their many forms and formats. But we complement SharePoint with several important additional solutions.

Using our Sphereon platform we added Intelligent Batch Scanning for the paper documents and Digital Capture for email and the digital documents.

We use Sphereon’s advanced Extract functions to extract key data from the documents for indexing and searching.

With the Off-blocks Digital Signature solution we can directly dispatch instructions and documents to the remote property managers. Inspections, reports, photos, estimates, contracts, etc. can be digitally signed and returned.

All this streamlines the operations of GoFresh Homes residential property management en significantly increases their efficiency and capabilities to grow faster.

Scanning and Capture

Sphereon provides a state-of-the-art cloud-based platform for Document Processing.

The platform offers Intelligent Batch Scanning for the paper documents, enabling scanning batches of paper documents with high-speed document scanners.

Digital documents that are send via email or are uploaded are captured by Sphereon’s email and smart-folder monitoring  functions.

Sphereon offers many functions to find and extract key data from the documents. This data can be used for indexing and searching, but also to store the documents in the proper place in MS SharePoint.


Digital dispatching and signatures

With the GoFresh Homes parks and properties located from coast to coast, they are managed by remote property managers.

The Off-blocks Digital Signature solution enables GoFresh Homes to directly dispatch instructions to these remote property managers: inspections, reports, photos, estimates, contracts, etc. straight out of MS SharePoint.

The resulting reports, check-lists, estimates, photos, videos, audio notes, etc. can be digitally signed and returned to the main office and stored in MS SharePoint.

Offers and contracts can de send directly to new tenants and can be digitally signed by them with a legally binding digital signature.

All done remotely, ideal in these difficult times.

Smart Workflows

The processes are managed through smart workflows build with DAML from Digital Asset, Inc. These Smart Contract-based workflows enable the various stakeholders to participate in the processes in a secure and transparent manner.

Proof of Authenticity through Blockchain anchoring

Under the hood of Sphereon, Off-blocks and DAML sit several layers of blockchain technology. Not just for the sake of using blockchain, but actually to guarantee Proof of Authenticity of all data, documents and processes for all stakeholders. 

No data is actually written on a blockchain, but only a privacy-preserving digital fingerprint, the so-called hash, is anchored on the blockchain, protecting that no data — personal, financial or otherwise — can be found or retrieved form the blockchain.

But the electronic fingerprint can be used to prove when and what data, document or action was submitted, stored, signed or performed and has not been changed or tampered with.

Cooperation is key

As we say so often, cooperation was key in winning this contract. We are convinced that without the knowledge and experience of our partners, such as Karora technologies, Virtualdeveloper.com and Digital Asset, we would not be as successful as we are today.


About Karora Technologies

Karora Technologies builds elegant solutions your business, big or small. With their solutions, you can efficiently manage documents, data, and applications quickly and easily, so you can spend less time on tasks and optimize your business processes.

About Virtualdeveloper.com

Virtualdeveloper.com, LLC are a Microsoft Managed Partner has worked with some of the top companies in the world including the IMF, Ernst & Young, Deloitte and the US Federal Government.
They are leveraging Blockchain and AI technology for the Next Generation Digital Workplace.

About Digital Asset

With DAML, a state-of-the-art platform to build full-stack, distributed applications for DLT, Blockchain, or databases, Digital Asset is on a mission to create the global economic network of seamlessly interconnected businesses.

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