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Our workplace policy is a hybrid policy designed to strike a balance between remote work flexibility and the benefits of in-person collaboration. Under this policy, employees have the option to work remotely for the majority of their working hours, with the exception of specific meetings and events.

The primary aspect of this policy is that employees are allowed to work remotely, leveraging technology and digital tools to fulfill their job responsibilities from a location of their choice. This provides the flexibility to work from home, a coworking space, or any other suitable environment that promotes productivity and work-life balance.

However, to foster team cohesion and facilitate effective communication, we have established regular in-person meetings every two weeks. These meetings serve two important purposes: the Sprint demo and the Sprint start.

The Sprint demo is a collaborative session where team members come together to showcase their completed work from the previous sprint. It allows for the demonstration and discussion of the implemented features, the gathering of feedback, and the identification of areas for improvement. This presentation helps foster a sense of accomplishment and provides a forum for constructive discussions among team members.

The Sprint start, which also takes place on the same day, marks the beginning of a new sprint cycle. During this meeting, team members gather to discuss and plan upcoming tasks, set goals and priorities, allocate resources, and define milestones for the upcoming sprint. It serves as a crucial alignment point for the team, ensuring everyone is on the same page and working towards a common objective.

These in-person meetings provide an opportunity for face-to-face interactions, brainstorming sessions, and fostering stronger relationships within the team. They enhance collaboration, encourage open communication, and help address any challenges or roadblocks more effectively.

Outside of these specific meetings, the hybrid workplace policy encourages employees to leverage various digital communication and collaboration tools to stay connected, share progress updates, seek guidance, and collaborate on projects. Platforms such as video conferencing, instant messaging, project management tools, and shared document repositories enable seamless remote collaboration and facilitate ongoing communication.

By implementing this hybrid workplace policy, we aim to provide employees with the flexibility to work remotely while fostering a sense of belonging and collaboration through regular in-person meetings. This approach maximizes productivity, promotes work-life balance, and harnesses the advantages of both remote and in-person work dynamics.

In the event that you have any queries or complaints about this Workplace Policy, please contact us at info@sphereon.com.



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