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Gender Equality

Sphereon Gender Equality Policy


Sphereon is dedicated to fostering a workplace culture that embraces gender equality. This policy is a commitment to ensure all employees, regardless of their gender, are treated fairly and given equal opportunities to grow, contribute, and excel in their roles.

1. Policy Statement

Sphereon is unequivocally committed to:

  • Providing a work environment where all employees are respected and can realize their full potential.
  • Actively eliminating any form of gender discrimination or bias within the workplace.
  • Ensuring that all employment decisions are based on merit, qualifications, and abilities.

2. Scope

This policy is applicable to all employees, interns, contractors, and stakeholders of Sphereon. It covers all aspects of employment including recruitment, compensation, benefits, training and development, promotions, termination, and retirement.

3. Equal Opportunities and Recruitment

Sphereon is committing to:

  • Implementing unbiased recruitment practices, ensuring job advertisements, candidate screenings, and interviews are conducted fairly.
  • Maintaining a diverse recruitment panel to mitigate unconscious biases.
  • Offering equal career advancement opportunities, ensuring promotions and professional development are based purely on individual performance and potential.

4. Pay Equity

Sphereon is committing to:

  • Conducting regular audits of our compensation structures to identify and rectify any gender-related disparities.
  • Performing an annual analysis of the gender pay gap.
  • Ensuring transparency in the criteria for salary increments and promotions.

5. Work-Life Balance

Sphereon supports:

  • Flexible work arrangements, including options for telecommuting, part-time work, and flexible working hours, to accommodate different life stages and responsibilities.
  • Parental leave policies that are equitable, inclusive, and exceed the minimum legal requirements.
  • Facilities and programs, such as on-site childcare, that assist employees in managing their work and personal life effectively.

6. Complaints and Grievances

Sphereon ensures:

  • A clear, confidential, and accessible process for reporting gender discrimination or harassment.
  • The confidentiality of all complaints will be maintained, with investigations conducted impartially and promptly.
  • A fair resolution process, with appropriate measures taken against those found violating the policy.

7. Dedicated Resources

Sphereon’s commits to provide the following resources:

  • Management Support: Senior management at Sphereon pledges full support and commitment to the implementation of this gender equality policy. This includes allocating necessary resources, both financial and human, to ensure its success.
  • Equality Officer: A dedicated Equality Officer role has been established, who will be responsible for overseeing the implementation, monitoring progress, and addressing any challenges that arise.
  • Training Resources: Sphereon will provide access to ongoing training and educational resources to all employees to promote awareness and understanding of gender equality issues.

8. Data Collection and Monitoring

This policy establishes a comprehensive Data Strategy:

  • Data Collection: Sphereon will collect and analyze sex/gender disaggregated data on all employees, including full-time personnel and temporary interns. This data will include, but is not limited to, hiring practices, salary levels, promotions, and participation in training programs.
  • Annual Reporting: Based on collected data, Sphereon will produce an annual Gender Equality Report. This report will assess progress against key indicators such as recruitment balance, pay equity, and leadership representation.
  • Monitoring Mechanism: Regular monitoring will be conducted to assess the effectiveness of gender-related policies and initiatives. This will include surveys and feedback mechanisms allowing employees to anonymously provide insights into their workplace experiences.
  • Transparency and Accountability: Findings from the data analysis and annual reports will be communicated transparently to all stakeholders. Sphereon is committed to holding itself accountable for continuous improvement in gender equality.

9. Monitoring and Review

This policy will be:

  • Reviewed biennially or as needed to ensure it aligns with current legal standards and best practices.
  • Monitored for effectiveness through employee feedback, surveys, and gender equality metrics.
  • Subject to internal and external audits to assess compliance with policy objectives.

10. Responsibility and Enforcement

  • All employees are expected to contribute to a work environment that promotes gender equality.
  • Managers and team leaders are specifically accountable for implementing and enforcing this policy within their teams.
  • Any breaches of this policy will be regarded seriously and may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.


Sphereon’s commitment to gender equality is a cornerstone of our corporate ethos. We recognize that a diverse and inclusive workforce is essential to our success and innovation.

Version: 1.2
Effective Date: November 1, 2023

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