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PDF Sign and Seal APIFeatures & Benefits

Sphereon offers an easy to use PDF Sign and Seal API to add an electronic signature to the original PDF so you can always prove that this was the original file and has not been modified since its creation. This prevents tampering and fraud which is common, because it is so easy to change a PDF document.

100% eIDAS compliant
Our electronic signature are fully compliant with the eIDAS-regulation for Advanced Electronic Signatures and Advanced Electronic Seals.


Sign documents

  • Sign and seal PDF files using an official certificate-based eSignature
  • Add multiple signatures to a document
  • Use your own certificate or use Sphereon’s official Adobe-supported document certificate
  • Certify a document with a visible signature so that recipients can verify authenticity by seeing a visible signature on the document
  • Or certify a document with a hidden signature
  • Embed signing and certificate data for long-term validation
  • Place annotations, such as text, weblinks, images, watermarks, anywhere on any page before signing
  • Fill Adobe form fields with dynamic data
  • Add an extra trust-layer by additional anchoring on a blockchain

Validate documents

  • Third parties can easily see a PDF document was signed and when
  • Third parties can validate all signatures to confirm the document integrity and authenticity
  • Does not require any third-party software or service
  • Automatically validate incoming PDF documents and intercept tampered documents


Protect yourself and others

  • Add indisputable legal proof of authenticity for all your documents
    • statements, purchase orders, proposals, invoices, financial reports, legal filings, compliance statements, tenders, etc.,
      or any other document you share with others
  • Protect yourself and others against tampering and fraud using your documents

Easy to use

  • Runs as a background service
  • No user interaction required
  • No local software installations required
  • No vendor lock-in, we use 100% standard Adobe features
  • Any developer is up and running in minutes. Yes it is that easy!

Easy integration

  • Works with Adobe’s PDF readers and most other PDF readers
  • Easily integrated into your Business IT systems
  • Simple REST API with online documentation and code samples
  • Developers are up and running in minutes. Yes really.
  • Standard plug-ins for MS Office 365, Alfresco, and other systems
  • Integrates with other Sphereon software services:
    • Convert other filetypes to PDF or PDF/A
    • Request electronic signatures from internal and external users for any type of digital file
    • Mobile app for signing files with a personal digital identity

Easy deployment

  • Deployed by Sphereon as a SaaS Content Service
  • Highly scalable microservices architecture
  • Does not require any third-party software, e.g. Adobe© Acrobat©or even Adobe Reader©

Low total cost of ownership

  • Sign and seal PDF documents for just cents per document
  • Flexible pricing with Easy in, Easy out
  • The more you sign, the lower the costs per document

Reseller inquiries invited

  • Easy integration with your applications
  • Integrations free of charge
  • Special reseller prices available
  • Use your own brand and your own certificates
  • Add indisputable proof of authenticity for all your documents

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