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Privacy preserving

Verifiable Credential solutions are privacy preserving

Self-Sovereign Identity solutions are privacy preserving because the owners are in control of their own data.

Personal data

A Verifiable Credential (VC) contains so-called claim data about a subject: a person or organisation. The data is often about their identity, home, family, status, financials, permits, certificates, etc. Data that is personal and belongs to the person or organisation.

Confidential storage

Fortunately, in SSI-systems the Verifiable Credential is issued to the subject, the person or organisation, and stored in their secured digital credential wallet where they control their own data.

Selective disclosure

They can then decide with whom they want to share their data. And what they want to share. And – most importantly – what data not to share.

With a SSI-based solution the users are in control of sharing their personal, private data.

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