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Creating trust in a digital world

We help you create and share information that can be trusted.


We build technology and products in co-creation with governments, enterprises, software developers and integrators and help you to add a trust-layer to your systems.

We focus on Digital Identities and Verifiable Credentials solutions, helping people and businesses to take control of their private data in business, government, healthcare and education applications.

It is our mission to end the digital trust problem that leads to distrust, digital fraud and other digital mishaps. For this we build applications that solve today’s trust challenges.
We're Creating Trust in a Digital World.

We're Sphereon! We're Creating Trust in a Digital World.

Company data. Personal data. Your data.

Today, everything revolves around your data. Your data is valuable. The new gold, they say. Therefore, your data must be trustworthy and well protected.

That’s why we focus our efforts on Digital Identities, Confidential Storage and so-called Verifiable Credentials, to enable data sharing that is automatically and independently verifiable and controlled by you: the owner of the data.

Focused on

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Co-creation is key.
Our success is a result of the solutions we build together with our partners. You have the knowledge and experience in your market domains. You define the needs. We provide the software platform and the technical knowledge. Together we create the best possible solution.

In this hyper-connected world, no single organization will thrive just by itself. We all need to be part of an ecosystem, a network of enterprises, institutions, partners, contract workers – and also customers – that will work together to create new products, services and business models faster and smarter.

Easily integrate your Business Applications today and provide Authenticity and Trust to all information you create, process and share.

Designed for Software Developers

Information for


We offer developers a wide array of advanced Document Processing and Blockchain functions that are exposed using RESTful APIs through our API gateway.

Leveraging OpenAPI/Swagger, we offer full documentation of all functions, including interactive testing in our API Console.

We also offer SDKs for almost all Programming Languages and Frameworks. Add new functions in hours instead of weeks, allowing you to focus on your core product development.

The Sphereon API Gateway

Trust as a Service

Proof of Authenticity for all your data, documents and business processes.

Use our software APIs to seamlessly integrate in your existing Business Systems — or create new applications — to digitally sign your data, documents and other digital assets and create immutable and independent verifiable records and verifiable credentials to provide trust to all your business transactions.

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