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Inclusive for all

Self-Sovereign Identity solutions are inclusive

Self-Sovereign Identities are inclusive because they are independent of centrally controlled authorities.

For everyone

The principles of Self-Sovereign Identity solutions enable everyone to own and control their private personal data regardless of their race, ethnicity, abilities, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, socio-economic or political status.

Practical problems

There are still practical problems. Current SSI solutions are typically technology focussed, relying on digital credential wallets of smart phones and the availability of internet for connectivity. SSI solutions must be easy to use to make them usable for people with a wide variety of abilities.

Solutions are coming

Fortunately, a lot of effort is poured into making this a reality. Physical Verifiable Credential (VC) solutions are being developed using cheap NFC-cards and even paper-based VCs.

There are also recommendations for governance and implementations of Guardianship for those who cannot practically or legally hold or consent the sharing of data, such as children, elderly or incapacitated people.


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