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Gaia-X is a community-driven, pan-European project, initiated to enable a secure, open and sovereign use of data.

Sphereon is very pleased to be a member of the Gaia-X community.

Gaia-X is an ecosystem that consist of more than 350 representatives from business, politics, academia, research, technology, policy, government, and science, from Europe and beyond, that collaborate to build a federated and secure data infrastructure ecosystem based on European values.

About Gaia-X

Gaia-X members create and promote so-called Gaia-X Federations. Federations are self-determined ecosystems – around themes such as Mobility, Automotive, Health, etc. – where individual participants join forces to offer services that can be used to provide value to all participants.

Key is that participants can provide datasets that can contain sensitive, confidential data, but with a guarantee that the data never leaves their own secure infrastructure and never become public. Unless they specifically allow a user to download.
For confidential data a participant can enable specific algorithms — just those that are pre-approved by them — to use the confidential data: the user will only receive the results of the algorithms, never the data itself.

Sphereon Services

There are several services that  Sphereon provides and you can benefit from:

  • Education: to understand how this technology works and also how you can benefit from it.
  • Implementation: to actual create a working solution for securely sharing data and/or algorithms.
  • Developing enterprise solutions: to take the power of Digital Identities and Verifiable Credentials beyond Gaia-X Data spaces. Onboarding of customers (KYC/AML), onboarding suppliers, onboarding students, and many more use cases where ‘trust in data’ is a requirement.
  • Integration: to create secure integrations between Gaia-X and your own systems.
  • SaaS-service: we can run software for you in case you can’t spare your own IT-resources or just do not want to be bothered with it.

The Future Mobility
Data Marketplace

The Future Mobility Data Marketplace is one of such implementations and is focussed on solving challenges in mobility. Members share datasets and algorithms to gain insights or train models around mobility.

The Gaia-X Federated Services (GXFS) are a set of minimum technical requirements for establishing and operating such a data ecosystem, bringing together this supply and demand in a manner that preserves — and guarantees — the privacy and confidentiality of the data.

Sphereon helps to build technology and functions for onboarding of Gaia-X members and their service offerings.

We use open standards and technologies such as Decentralized Identifiers (W3C DID) and Verifiable Credentials (W3C VC) to create member’s digital identities and credentials. Examples of these credentials are a proof of membership, the (self-)descriptions of service offering, proofs certifications (so-called labels) for these service offerings.

In case you would like to learn more about Verifiable Credentials we like to point you to the following page: https://sphereon.com/learn-more-about-verifiable-credentials/

or just ask us.


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