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An eIDASto SSI bridge

Sphereon builds an eIDAS to SSI bridge

Sphereon and industry partners worked together to bridge the gap between European eIDAS regulations and Self Sovereign Identities (SSI), increasing the value and usability of digital identities in the European markets.

The eIDAS bridge is significantly increasing the value and usability of W3C-based digital identities in the European model by making them fully eIDAS-compliant.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme within the framework of the ESSIF-Lab
Project funded under grant agreement No 8 71932”

The eIDAS Bridge

As part of the eSSIF-Lab project, Sphereon developed the eIDAS Bridge. The eIDAS Bridge is a standardized API component that connects the European Trust Infrastructure established by the eIDAS regulations to the SSI ecosystem.
It allows Verifiable Credential issuers that have a Qualified Electronic Certificate (QEC) to sign W3C compliant Verifiable Credentials with a CAdES signature. Further eIDAS compliant signature types will be available soon.

Once integrated with an signing application, this component will strengthen the signing of Verifiable Credentials — or other digital files — by using assertions made by legally verified entities (businesses, organisations, etc.) using Qualified Electronic Certificates.

This gives the full legal weight of eIDAS-compliance to signatures made in an SSI application, as they can be tied back to legal entities, and additional information can be verified about their holders.

The eIDAS Bridge is part of Sphereon VDX, our Verifiable Data Exchange platform, but can also can operate as a standalone API component, or be integrated into existing identity wallet solutions.

We believe that the EU announcing their eID digital identity wallet for all EU citizens, will spur the adoption of solutions. Sphereon has the expertise and experience to help your organization.

Cooperation is key


eSSIF-Lab is an EU-funded project and aims at advancing the broad uptake of Self-Sovereign Identities (SSI) as a next generation, open and trusted digital identity solution for faster and safer electronic transactions via the Internet and in real life.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme within the framework of the ESSIF-Lab Project.

About the eSSIF-Lab program

The European Self-Sovereign Identity Lab (eSSIF-Lab) views itself as an ecosystem of parties that work together to make existing (and new) Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) technology into a scalable and interoperable infrastructure that businesses can use very easily for conducting (business) transactions with other businesses and individuals alike.

The Infrastructure-oriented program focuses on the extension of the eSSIF-Lab infrastructure/architecture with solutions that makes it easy for organisations to deploy and/or use SSI, reduce business risks, and facilitate alignment of business information.

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