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NextGen DMS API's for
Document Processing

Besides the Blockchain APIs, Sphereon offers a range of powerful Document Processing APIs from NextGen DMS. These offer AI-driven Content Services to classify, identify and extract data from digital objects, such as emails, scans, photos, images, videos, and business documents.

A broad range of intelligent APIs

Sphereon offers NextGen DMS’s smart APIs to extend and enhance the applications and solutions that you build for your business and for your customers.

We offer APIs to classify, identify and extract data from objects, such as emails, photos, images, videos, and documents. APIs that unlock information stored in legacy ECM systems, Enterprise File Shares and Document Stores.

Many of these APIs use Artificial Intelligence, such as Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP), to analyze or classify data objects, photos and documents.

Easy integration

As an alternative to integrating these APIs, we provide standard integration plug-ins for Alfresco, Athentho, Kofax, MS SharePoint, Office 365 and others without the need of low level programming, making it very easy to integrate the Sphereon APIs into your Business Applications.

The NextGen DMS Intelligent Document Processing platform

NextGen DMS also offers an enterprise-grade business process platform for Smart Data Capture, Document Processing and Blockchain that enables you to implement and run content-related processes much faster … and with significant lower costs.

Claims processing, HR-onboarding, Accounts Payables, KYC, Customer onboarding, eInvoicing, etc., are some of the many processes running on the Sphereon business process platform.

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