Document Certification

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How reliable are your digital documents?

Innovation and Digital Transformation are requirements for every organization. Adopt or Die!

As a result more and more communication happens digitally. But digital information is pervasive and can easily be modified and tampered with. And in such a way that neither the recipient nor sender are aware! The information is no longer authentic and reliable.

The consequences can be severe: loss of trust, wrong decisions, and your reputation suffers. Claims and court actions are not uncommon.

Sphereon offers the technology and solutions to certify every document you create using Blockchain technology.

Digital Document Certification

There are several technologies that allow you to certify digital documents. Sphereon offers the traditional digital signing of documents using PKI-certificates, but also a Blockchain-based certification.

Known benefits of Blockchain certification are that transaction cannot be changed, that verification requires no central authority and any type of digital file can be signed and verified. But Blockchain has other important benefits. Like the ability to put control of sharing information in the hands of the owner. And to create a chain of transaction history for a digital document. But there are many more when we start using so-called Smart Contracts.

Using Sphereon’s Blockchain functions for document certification allows you to:

  • assign an unique identifier to any digital object, such as a document, image, email, video or other file
  • register and time-stamp this unique identifier on a public or permissioned Blockchain
  • append transaction information for the digital object
  • independently verify and authenticate a digital object against the Blockchain registration
  • view and browse transaction history for the digital object

Fake News, Hacking and Fraud

We read daily about Hacking and Fake news. And while that may seem happening to someone else, it will happen to you too! Maybe sooner than you think.

It’s very easy to manipulate and modify digital files. And usually so that it is not to be perceived by the recipient or sender.

For example, a standard PDF document can easily be edited in Adobe Acrobat. That’s standard functionality in the Tools menu!

As a result recipients lose confidence in the trustworthiness of the organization. Decisions are made based on incorrect information.

The consequences of this can not be overlooked: from “a whim” to the wrong fraud! Your organization can even be held liable for the consequences, because you can take measures to prevent this!

Blockchain: Authenticity guaranteed!

Sphereon’s Blockchain Certification¬† is based on Blockchain. Blockchain is best known as the underlying technology of the Bitcoin and Ethereum. Blockchain technology offers a distributed storage technology that eliminates transactions and is independently verified.

This is the basis for a new generation of transactional systems, of which Reliability is the foundation. This ensures Confidence, Transparency and Accountability. Features, which are urgently needed in the digital age, in which fraud, fake news and hackers get news daily.

Blockchain has proven that transaction cannot be hacked and tampered with and as such is extremely well-suited to securely certify all sorts of documents and to guarantee their authenticity. And for reasonable costs.

Document certification with Blockchain guarantees the authenticity of a document and sender.