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Sphereon and bloXmove join forces through a strategic partnership

Sphereon and bloXmove have partnered and are joining forces to improve transaction- and onboarding processes in the Power and Mobility sectors.

bloXmove Mobility Blockchain Platform

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The vision at bloXmove is to revolutionize urban mobility in order to reduce the complexity of a fragmented industry and make traveling more efficient, as well as customer friendly.

bloXmove is not the next aggregator Mobility app, but instead offer a business-to-business Mobility Blockchain Platform that seamlessly connects micro mobility providers, fleet operators, public transportation and corporate mobility managers.

With this decentralized Platform-as-a-Service approach bloXmove provides all transactional capabilities required to conduct end-to-end, secure business transactions in real time, without the need for any centralized party.

Digital identities and secure verification of credentials lie at the core of web3

bloXmove bases much of its platform offering on providing secure end-to-end transaction platforms based on such technology.

Sphereon’s  technology offers a great addition to bloXmove’s automated transaction exchanges and our work with credentials. Digital Identities and secure verification of credentials, tickets, certificates and financial documents lies at the core of commerce and the emerging web3 world.

bloXmove CTO and Co-Founder Harry Behrens explains:
“bloXmove bases much of its platform offering on providing secure end-to-end transaction platforms based on such technology.
In cooperating with a leader in the field of digital identities, we aim at applying Sphereon’s cutting edge data and credential exchange technology to the two converging industrial sectors of Power & Mobility.”

“What’s great in today’s global space is that you see two highly innovative companies from different countries and different fields coming together and combining their expertise to offer better and stronger solutions to both our customers”

Sebastian Boender, CEO of Sphereon.

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