ValidSign and Sphereon announce strategic partnership

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ValidSign and Sphereon announce strategic partnership

ValidSign and Sphereon announce a strategic partnership to support organizations using Digital Signatures to sign any digital file leveraging the power of the Factom Blockchain.

Exchange of information in our society is increasingly digital. This obviously has many advantages. However, digital information is also easy to modify or manipulate without being clear to the user. In that case the information is no longer authentic, honest and reliable. The consequences can be far-reaching if it turns out that decisions have been made on the basis of incorrect information.


It is very important for all stakeholders that the sender of digital information can guarantee that the information is 100% authentic, honest and reliable
and that the receiver can easily verify this.

Digital signature

ValidSign is the market leader for Digital Signatures in the Netherlands and a major player in Europe. ValidSign has implemented solutions compliant to the European directive on digital signatures for years. This solution enables multiple people to exchange and sign the same digital documents. Using ValidSign ensures that digitally signed documents are legally valid.



There are many documents that do not need to be signed individually by a person, but which can have consequences in legal transactions. Think of specifications, invoices, reminders, attachments, e-mails, photos, video files, construction drawings, tax assessments, reports and databases. The receiving party can manipulate the information and use it in transactions to third parties.

By signing the digital information and anchoring this signature on the Blockchain, each recipient can validate to what extent the received information is authentic. This applies to both the individual files and any relationships between these files.


Not just PDF, but ALL digital files


Combining ValidSign & eSignum

By combining ValidSign and eSignum we create a very powerful solution that can be used for any file format in any process. This ensures the integrity of any digital file, not just PDF. The advanced or qualified signatures by users are based on PKI technology and are enriched with the Blockchain technology: the transactions and files are hashed and registered on the Factom Blockchain, thus providing a transparent, immutable, tamper-proof, logbook of events and easy to authenticate files and transactions.


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