The 10 main reasons to choose Sphereon as your Document Processing platform

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The 10 main reasons to choose Sphereon as your Document Processing platform

Sphereon Document Processing software is the best platform for any Digital Transformation process. There are many good reasons for choosing Sphereon!
Besides, we are nice guys and a pleasure to work with. And we serve the best coffee and delicious home made apple pie!
But to keep it serious, here are 10 solid reasons.


1. Superior Document Processing functions

The most important: Sphereon offers the best possible functions for classification, extraction and transformation of data from both structured and unstructured information and documents. We combine the Best-in-Class engines, APIs and algorithms in such a way that we provide superior results.


2. So much more than just Scan and Recognize

Sphereon offers so much more than just scanning and recognition of traditional documents. More than 60% of the documents come in by email, but we are constantly adding new functions, such as capture of digital objects through new channels, like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, Mobile, Twitter, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Facebook.
Plus, automatic Classification and Extraction using Machine Learning, Transformation, Blockchain, Vision recognition and much more.


3. Modern Enterprise-grade Microservices architecture

Very stable and scalable thanks to a robust architecture, among other things, based on Java EE, OSGi, JMS, Docker, Kubernetes, etc.


4. Use all Sphereon functions via our RESTtful APIs

All of our Document Processing and Data Capture functions are exposed through RESTful APIs and can be called directly from your own applications or worklfows. Your users will work with their familiar applications and user interfaces.


5. Fully documented API Store

All Sphereon APIs will be published in our API Store. Fully documented, with samples. And with SDKs for most languages and framework for easy integration with other systems.


6. Enterprise-grade integration

Integration with external systems and applications through a professional Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and ensures the stability and performance that an enterprise environment requires.
We also offer Add-ins for Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 to directly use our APIs from within SharePoint and Office 365.


7. Open Standards where possible

Sphereon uses important open standards, such as BPMN, UBL, CMIS, thus connecting many (external) tools and systems seamlessly with Sphereon while avoiding vendor lock-in.


8. Just use what you need  Just pay for what you use

Each of our APIs can be licensed individually through our API Store. Just use those APIs that you need, when you need them. Just pay what you use.
You decide how you pay for Sphereon: monthly or annually using a subscription-based pricing model (as operating costs), or as an one-time investment, (as an asset). We’re flexible.


9. Hybrid Cloud  Platform

You can use Sphereon as Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) application, for example, on Azure, Microsoft’s Hybrid Cloud Platform, Amazon or a private data center. We even can provide you specific Containers for specific functionality.


10. Blockchain, yes, Blockchain!

We are the first and only Document Processing platform in the World (!) that offers the unique combination of Document Processing and Blockchain.



You want more reasons?

Let’s meet. We will be happy to demonstrate and explain the superior characteristics of our software.

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