Solutions for Higher Education

Control for the rapidly changing Higher Education environment

Colleges and Universities are faced with constantly changing rules from governments and requirements from the market/employers they serve. These changes need to be translated and implemented in the document-intensive processes that still dominate higher education organizations.

This document-centric world is also totally different from the digital world in which students live. Students that have unlimited access to information at their fingertips 24×7. Students expect the same access to their educational records. And the same speed for answering their applications, questions and inquiries.

Together with our partner Circle Software, Sphereon offers several standard solutions that transform repetitive, error-prone and tedious tasks into highly accurate and automated processes that save time and money.

Streamline your Student Administration

A big step is to streamline your Student Administration processes by automating them and eliminate as much of the manual tasks as possible. This will save time, speeding up processes and free up staff to focus on helping the students.

Circle Software and Sphereon offers several best-practice solutions to help you create and implement such processes:

Admissions Processing
This solution automates the process to enable admissions offices to eliminate delays of processing student applications and inform selected applicants quickly.

Registrar Processing
Today’s students¬†expect quick and convenient service to seek answers to academic questions, switch courses or majors. They can easily be frustrated by slow replies or and administrative delays. This solution relieves registrar staff of the burden associated with processing paper documents and focus on students questions.

Student Performance Records
This solution ensures that all student graded work, tests, results and counseling reports are fully updated in the students records and kept in one central location. Sphereon offer Blockchain technology to provide a time-stamped, immutable and independent verifiable record of proof for all these records.

Student Billing
Paper-based processes create bottlenecks when billing student or filing receipts with documentation and updating financial systems. Sphereon offers Administrations solutions to quickly E-invoice students, improving cashflow, and drive administrative costs down.

The value of these workflow solutions for higher education lies not only in the proven time and cost savings for the organization, but also in the increased student satisfaction and improved student experience.

Sphereon Blockchain API

Blockchain is a breakthrough technology that will have a big impact on Education.

Blockchain, best known as the underlying technology for Bitcoin, is a technology for a new generation of transactional applications that establishes trust, accountability and transparency, while streamlining business processes.

Blockchain provides a distributed ledger mechanism to lock in information and making it independently verifiable and audit-able. It removes the need for blind trust in a central authority by fragmenting authority across innumerable independent systems.

Blockchain in EdTech:

Admission Process. Blockchain will end disputes on the exact date and time that an application or supporting document was received. It also provides Proof of Authenticity for document, certificates, diplomas and identification document.

Registrar Processing. Blockchain will provide an independent verifiable record of proof on when changes where requested, turnaround-times on inquiries and Proof of Authenticity of documents issues by the Registrar office.

Student Performance Records. Blockchain technology will provide a time-stamped, immutable and independent verifiable record of proof for all these records. When were they made? Are they authentic or have they been tampered with?

Student Billing. Blockchain can provide Smart Contracts to automatically charge or disburse a student’s account. Organizations can link to the regular banking system or have their own crypto-currency, allowing them offer different rates, discounts or plans to different stakeholders.

and many more use cases


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