Human Resources

Gain control on the administrative side of human resource management

Save time and gain control on the administrative side of human resource management by automating tasks like filing and pruning employee’s records and documents.

Digital disruption will have a big impact on organizations with many challenges. Blockchain will change how organizations and employees work. But also create opportunities. Automation using cognitive computing will help with recruiting and will eliminate most of the basic administrative tasks.

Implications of Technological Disruption

Digital drives many significant implications for the human resource department and the organization in general:

For the Human Resources department
  • Technology will touch almost every aspect of HR
  • Collaboration and new organization structures will evolve (f.i. Holocracy) which will be fluid
  • Data mining of resume archives and online databases
  • Analyze employee data, to create customized talent, career and education offerings
  • Streamlining administrative tasks with automation and cognitive technologies

For the organization
  • HR department takes more strategic role
  • Employees will become the decision makers
  • More employees working anywhere, anytime
  • BYOD management
  • Eliminate silos, bridge gaps, self-organizing teams
  • Talent management process becomes better
  • Talent practices will play a key role in acquiring and retaining talent

Sphereon Blockchain API

Imagine you know for sure that each and every word written in a person’s resume is 100% correct and it’s next to impossible to counterfeit Resumes. This is one of the HR solutions possible with Sphereon’s advanced Blockchain API functions:

  • Authenticating resumes, diploma’s and certificates
  • Generating tamper-proof Certificates of Authenticity
  • Immutable proof of registration or receipt of forms or supporting documents, including timestamp
  • Identification