Digital Mailroom

Work faster, with significant lower costs

A Digital Mailroom saves your organization significant operational costs because mail no longer has to be manually sorted and distributed.

Mail, whether it is digital e-mail or paper mail, will be delivered to the right people or process anywhere in the organization in record time. And sorted by type and priority.

It will make your employees more productive by enabling them to start work faster, more structured and with focus on the highest priorities first. It will also make your organization more flexible and agile by enabling you to monitor and predict workload.

Achieve significant savings on:

  • sorting the mail,
  • distribution of mail,
  • automatic replies to standard questions,
  • faster response to questions,
  • much less ‘lost’ documents.

Functions for capture, sorting, transformation and delivery.

Sphereon offers many functions and ready-to-run processes to enable an advanced Digital Mailroom solution. It offers functions for capturing information and objects that enter the organization. Paper mail can be scanned. E-mail, attachments and faxes can be imported.

The captured objects can automatically be classified by our advanced, self-learning engines, which will determine the document type. Based on the document type you can assign a priority and a delivery location.

Sphereon offers many functions to transform documents and data to other formats. Documents to PDF or PDF/A, or to many other formats. Data to XML, UBL or CSV.

And deliver the document and data to many back-end systems, such as SharePoint, Office 365, Alfresco, Afas, and many, many more.