Document Content Services for SharePoint and Office 365

Sphereon adds powerful Document Content Services to SharePoint.

Microsoft SharePoint continues to be the world’s leading ECM platform. And its assertive, cloud-first Office 365 strategy will compel many more organizations to choose SharePoint as their cloud solution for ECM.

Sphereon extends and enhances SharePoint and Office 365 by offering powerful Content Services for processing documents, images and other objects.

Directly integrated in SharePoint and Office 365. Plug-and-play, with no coding required: just install, configure and go!

An innovative platform that allows organizations to add Content Services for Information Management and Document Processing.

This PDF document describes the Sphereon SharePoint Content Services Add-in solution that allows SharePoint users to deploy APIs for Information Management and Document Processing.

Use the SharePoint Content Services to capture and extract data from objects, such as emails, photos, images, and documents, to classify these objects, photos and documents, to mail-merge Microsoft Word documents with SharePoint content.
And we make it very easy to integrate, without the need of low level programming, using our free SharePoint Add-in.



Or use our Blockchain SharePoint Content Services to register transactions and data on different Blockchain implementations, such as the Bitcoin Blockchain or Ethereum, and create innovative Blockchain solutions in SharePoint and Office365.

Solutions such as Trusted Record Management using Digital Document Certification and Transparent Compliance by creating independently verifiable audit trails for your SharePoint workflow processes.

Standard SharePoint Add-in

The Sphereon Content Services are build on an highly-scalable Micro-services platform, using Docker and Kubernetes, that allows organizations to extend and enhance the applications that you build for your business and for your customers.

It is very easy to integrate these Document Processing functions with SharePoint and Office 365: just install our standard SharePoint Add-in.

This Add-in enables you to select one or more documents in a SharePoint list and then select the function you want from the drop-down menu. The Add-in will do all of the work.

• CaptureTo capture documents and objects from file locations, email (attachments), scanners, posts or upload locations.
• StorageTo provide storage of containers (folders) and objects (files), using a regular File-system backend or AWS-S3, Azure Blob storage or Google Cloud storage backend.
• Image ClassificationTo automatically recognize and classify photo's and images to determine the content using Artificial Intelligence (Deep Learning) of various Vision APIs, such as Classifai, Google and Amazon.
• Document ClassificationTo automatically recognize and classify documents to determine the Content Type using Artificial Intelligence (AI).
• Data RecognitionTo automatically recognize text in a digital image, using multiple OCR and ICR (handwritten) text recognition engines.
• Data ExtractionTo search, locate and extract specific data in structured or unstructured information, like email, forms, letters, tweets or posts.
• Named Entity Extraction To extract and classify named entities in text into categories like names of persons, organizations, locations, expressions of times, quantities, monetary values, etc.
• Content Services Interact with (CRUD) and manage content in different types of legacy ECM or DMS systems and Enterprise or Corporate File Shares.
• Text MergeThe Office Text API can generate MS Office documents from an MS Office template, merged with a data file.
• Template ProcessorThe Template-Processor API can generate office, xml and json documents from a template and a JSON data file. Supported templates are MS Office files and Apache FreeMarker files.
• PDF/A ConversionTo automatically convert Microsoft Office documents, images, drawings, etc. to a ISO standard PDF/A format to ensure digital preservation for compliance and record management purpose.
• BlockchainTo register or verify an object on a Blockchain, creating an immutable record of Existence and Authentication for the object.

The Sphereon Add-in also adds these functions to workflows (WPS), including support for K2, Nintex and other workflow products.

SharePoint Blockchain Verify Document

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All our APIs are accompanied by extensive documentation, live-try-outs, sample-code and SDKs for all modern programming languages like Java, C#, PHP and many more.

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