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Digital Identity Card solution

We’re very pleased to announce that we — together with our partners Novatore and Plamo were selected to build a solution for the Justis department to enable Special Investigators (BOAs) to identify themselves in a privacy-preserving manner and to enable the public to easily verify the authenticity of their identity and the authorization to perform their tasks.  

A digital identification tools for special investigating officers to perform their duty more safely, efficiently and flexibly, whilst securing their privacy


Passwordless access to systems, locations or tasks

The solution also allows user to have passwordless access to systems, applications, physical locations or performing duties.

It works simply by first issuing a authorized user a Verifiable Credential as a certified user. The next time the user needs to be authorized, the user just has to present this credential.

For systems, applications or devices, our Digital Identity Card solution will use your Identity and Access Management (IAM) system for the authorisations. The system or application displays a QR-code and the user scans that QR-code with their Digital Identity Card. The communication will use OpenID Connect  in the background to exchange and verify the user’s credential.


More about the Justis project

Currently, special investigating officers only have a physical ID card that they can show to verify their authority.

This, however, is problematic: a physical ID is more sensitive to fraud as it can be used after the expiration period, others can use it when it is stolen, or otherwise fraudulently acquired.
Furthermore, the physical ID has all the officer’s identity data, which has led to stalking and other unwanted behavior from third parties.

Our solution digitizes the identities of special investigating officers and make the identity verification process secure, private and easy to use.


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