Smart Document Processing

Fast and efficiently process e-mail, attachments and other digital documents

Automatically processing documents and extracting data enables you to start and complete your business processes faster, with less work and manpower.

Optimize the incoming information flow:

Document Processing offers functions that can help you optimize your processes significantly.

  • sorting and distributing document based on content and layout
  • determining the priority of a document
  • validating the data against trusted sources, such as in house applications
  • validating the data by users
  • normalizing data and redacting sensitive data
  • distributing of the documents and data to other systems and applications

Build solutions that process e-mail and digital documents

Because of the explosive growth of e-mail, organizations use more e-mail then letters or faxes for communicating. Nevertheless paper and faxes will be around for a long time to come; and will be augmented by new forms of communication, such as tweets, whatsapp and other mobile apps.
Organizations must be able to deal with all of them.

Sphereon document processing functions offer solutions. Sphereon can capture e-mail and attachments from mailboxes, such as info@, sales@, order@, paper documents, mobile uploads, faxes, etc. You can automatically register, analyze, process and distribute them.

This enables you to quickly build solutions that bring enormous benefits to the organization: speed, less manual work, workload balancing, compliance, etc.