Document Processing and Blockchain APIs for Developers

As an Application Developer you want to add new functions to your software fast

Sphereon offers developers a wide array of advanced Document Processing and Blockchain functions that are exposed using RESTful  APIs.

Leveraging Swagger, we offer full documentation of all functions, including interactive testing in our API Console. We also offer SDKs for almost all Programming Languages and Frameworks.

Add capture and document functions in hours instead of weeks, allowing you to focus on your core product development. Functions that benefit your customers and add to your bottom-line. Functions that are best-in-class and that your customers will be happy to pay for.

Sphereon Blockchain APIs

Sphereon offers three powerful Blockchain APIs that supports public, private or permissioned blockchains like Bitcoin (Factom), Multichain, Ethereum or HyperLedger

Blockchain Proof API

With the Blockchain Proof API it is easy to prove or disprove existence of data — or digital documents — at a certain point in time.
This Blockchain API is very easy to use, because we hidden away most of the complexities of the underlying blockchain technologies.
The key benefits are:

  • Prove or disprove the existence of any file or content at a specific time.
  • Prove or disprove that a file or content has been tampered with.
  • Easy registration and verification of documents.
  • Register hashes of your own content, by submitting a file or stream and leaving everything up to us. Or by just providing the hash yourself.
  • Backed by public, private or permissioned blockchains like Bitcoin (Factom), Ethereum, Multichain, Hyperledger.
  • You don’t have to worry about leaking confidential information on a public blockchain. Merely hashes are being used.


Easy Blockchain API

The Sphereon Easy Blockchain API provides a blockchain agnostic solution especially useful for immutable data storage. The key benefits are:

  • Immutable storage of content.
  • Supports public, private or permissioned blockchains like Bitcoin (Factom), Ethereum, Multichain, Hyperledger.
  • Deterministic behaviour for ID generation based on content, both on and off the blockchain, fully blockchain agnostic.
  • A concept of Content chains to store related data (entries, transactions).
  • Allow linking of data from entries within one chain to entries in another chain.


Crypto Keys API

The Crypto Keys API allows you to import, create and work with symmetric and asymmetric keys and certificates to sign/verify digest values, encrypt/decrypt input, or hash and sign input values. The benefit is that you don’t have to store secret keys in your application.

The API has an integration with Azure KeyVault, allowing you to store keys, secrets and certificates in FIPS 140-2 Level 2 validated Hardware Security Modules (HSM). The key will never leave the HSM, making it really secure, especially if you combine it with IP whitelisting.

Click here for Blockchain API Documentation for Developers

Our other Document Processing APIs

The various APIs for Document Processing and Blockchain are available through our API Store.

• CaptureTo capture documents and objects from file locations, email (attachments), scanners, posts or upload locations.
• StorageTo provide storage of containers (folders) and objects (files), using a regular File-system backend or AWS-S3, Azure Blob storage or Google Cloud storage backend.
• Image ClassificationTo automatically recognize and classify photo's and images to determine the content using Artificial Intelligence (Deep Learning) of various Vision APIs, such as Classifai, Google and Amazon.
• Document ClassificationTo automatically recognize and classify documents to determine the Content Type using Artificial Intelligence (AI).
• Data RecognitionTo automatically recognize text in a digital image, using multiple OCR and ICR (handwritten) text recognition engines.
• Data ExtractionTo search, locate and extract specific data in structured or unstructured information, like email, forms, letters, tweets or posts.
• Named Entity Extraction To extract and classify named entities in text into categories like names of persons, organizations, locations, expressions of times, quantities, monetary values, etc.
• Content Services Interact with (CRUD) and manage content in different types of legacy ECM or DMS systems and Enterprise or Corporate File Shares.
• Text MergeThe Office Text API can generate MS Office documents from an MS Office template, merged with a data file.
• Template ProcessorThe Template-Processor API can generate office, xml and json documents from a template and a JSON data file. Supported templates are MS Office files and Apache FreeMarker files.
• PDF/A ConversionTo automatically convert Microsoft Office documents, images, drawings, etc. to a ISO standard PDF/A format to ensure digital preservation for compliance and record management purpose.
• BlockchainTo register or verify an object on a Blockchain, creating an immutable record of Existence and Authentication for the object.

New APIs are created on a continuing basis. If you do not find the APIs that you need, please, do not hesitate to ask us!

Our APIs are public and published online in our API Store.

All APIs are documented extensively with up-to-date technical documentation, an API Console for live-try-outs and sample-code.

We also provide SDKs for easy integration with most modern programming languages like Java, C#, PHP and many more. And we’ll continue to publish our integration software as Open Source on Github.

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