Sphereon Blockchain API

APIs to leverage the disruptive power of Blockchain technology

Sphereon offers a set op APIs, SDKs and Add-ins to quickly develop real-live solutions using Blockchain technology.

These APIs are available for both public and as well as private Blockchains. Our Blockchain Agnostic APIs leverage several Blockchain technologies. Currently we support Bitcoin (using Factom), Ethereum, HyperLedger, Multichain, Tymlez’s BigchainDB-based Enterprise platform, with others soon to follow.

Using this generic API approach hides away the complexities of these low-level protocols, such as Coins, Wallets, etc. This enables you to quickly develop real-live solutions.

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Sphereon Blockchain APIs for Factom Ethereum Hyperledger Multichain

Proof of Existence & Proof of Authenticity

One of the use cases of Blockchain is so called Proof of Existence: create an unalterable date and time stamp for a specific object.

This means that you can prove that a certain information object – like an email, file, document, phone-call or video – existed at a certain point in time and that it is authentic (unchanged).


You do this by digitally ‘signing’ an object, with our ProofOfExistence API. The API creates a unique identifier for your object (or you could do this yourself).

The identifier gets then committed into the distributed Blockchain ledger. With this commit the transaction gets timestamped as well.  Since every entry in the Blockchain is immutable, this means that you have proof that this specific object existed at a certain point in time.


Using the same API an object can be verified and validated. The API again creates a unique identifier and verifies this unique identifier against the Blockchain. If there is a match, the API returns a valid match as well as the original time-stamp. This serves as a Proof of Existence and Proof of Authenticity.

The world’s first SharePoint Add-in using Blockchain technology

Sphereon offers an easy Add-in and SDK to implement Blockchain-based solutions for Proof of Existence, Proof of Authenticity and Proof of Processing for your SharePoint documents and processes.

The Sphereon SharePoint Add-in and SDK implement the Sphereon’s  APIs. Through the Add-in, these APIs can be called interactively as well as part of SharePoint workflows.

Not only for Blockchain, but also for the other Sphereon APIs, such as Classification, Extraction, Document Signing, Mail-merge and Conversion of documents to PDF/A.

Privacy and confidentiality

It is very important to understand that the documents, objects or digital assets themselves are not stored in the Blockchain, but just a unique cryptographic digital key that represents the digital asset. This guarantees privacy and confidentiality.

The digital asset is kept independent from the Blockchain. It can be kept in a digital archive or be distributed to third parties. This is up to the owner. As long as the digital assets are unchanged, the unique digital key will remain the same and can be verified at any time in the future.

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