Join us and work on the future!

Join us and work on the future!

Sphereon provides Content Services through our API-driven Microservices platform. We use the latest technologies and methods, such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, like Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Vision Recognition, etc.

Our Blockchain services are HOT! and lead to many inquiries and projects. Therefor we are looking for new talented people.

Technical Consultant

Your role as a Technical Consultant is to enable our partners to become proficient with our APIs and API-platform. To support them with integration solutions and technical questions. This work will mostly be performed remotely, but will also require visiting our local as well as international partners.

You also work together with the development team to help manage and optimize our Sphereon Cloud environment. As we are continuing our DevOps transition, this is an important role as well.

This job will challenge your technical skills as well as your communication skills.

Your role will evolve over time and you will have options to grow either in your consultancy role or move into a DevOps or development role.

We expect you to have at least several years of experience as a technical consultant with modern cloud technologies, including container/virtualization solutions. You must have knowledge of Java and/or .NET. You are familiar with things like Enterprise Integration, REST APIs, Microservices, Docker, Kubernetes. Blockchain or Artificial Intelligence intrigue you rather than scare you.

We offer a competitive remuneration package, but more important, a challenging role where you will learn and gain experience using the latest methods and technologies.

  • Customer and Partner Enablement
  • Consult on integration solutions
  • Resolve technical questions
  • NoSQL, REST, Microservices, EIP
  • AI, Blockchain
  • Manage and optimze Sphereon Cloud
  • DevOps, Continuous Integration and Delivery
  • Bachelor degree
  • Strong communication skills
  • Minimum of 3-5 years of experience
  • € 35.000 – € 45.000 + benefits

Looking for companies to partner with

We are always looking for companies to partner with. Not just resellers, but companies to co-create solutions for their customers, creating Win-Win opportunities.

We believe in today’s fast changing world no company can survive just on it’s own. Agility and Time-to-Market are crucial. We need to work together and enable each company to focus on their specific area of knowledge and expertise in their specific markets.

If you are interested to work together and increase your agility and reduce your Time-to-market with innovative function, then contact us today!