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Off-Blocks joins EU eSSIF-Lab

Off-Blocks proposal has been accepted by the EU eSSIF-Lab

We’re very pleased to announce that our strategic partner’s proposal “Digital ID and signatures for businesses and organizations” has been selected to join the First Business-oriented Program of the EU’s eSSIF-Lab.

The proposal is about providing a business solution for onboarding businesses and organizations in a self-sovereign world through user-friendly and low-cost control over trusted digital identities, verified credentials and digital signatures.

About the eSSIF-Lab program

The European Self-Sovereign Identity Lab (eSSIF-Lab) views itself as an ecosystem of parties that work together to make existing (and new) Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) technology into a scalable and interoperable infrastructure that businesses can use very easily for conducting (business) transactions with other businesses and individuals alike. Typically, the libraries, code or components for the infrastructure should be open source.

This First Business-oriented Call will focus on the extension of the eSSIF-Lab basic infrastructure/architecture with business solutions that makes it easy for organizations to deploy and/or use SSI, reduce business risks, facilitate alignment of business information, etc.

We will join an 8-month acceleration program, structured in 3 competitive stages, with disbursement of equity-free funding of up to €106,000.

The Solution

Off-Blocks will provide a user-friendly application for businesses, organizations and their employees for a trusted digital ID and irrefutable digital signatures using verifiable and revocable credentials.

It’s built on blockchain and follows W3C standards on verifiable credentials (VCs) and decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), ensuring full compatibility and interoperability with international SSI frameworks.

We will enable easy integration of versatile and low-cost digital identities and signatures in any W3C-compatible SSI solution.

Any type of digital file can be signed and verified, including PDF documents and contracts, audio, video, images or other data files. Leveraging the immutability of blockchain, any action can be logged and audited, without the costs of an expensive certifying authority.

The solutions versatility opens a range of use cases that weren’t possible before. Reach out and interact with the World. Register at a hospital, cast a vote, board a plane, accept a package, or sign a contract with your verified digital ID.

Cooperation is key

As we say so often, cooperation was key in winning this contract. We are convinced that without the knowledge and experience of our partners Off-Blocks Ltd and Gimly, we would not have been as successful as we are now.


About Off-Blocks

Off-Blocks is an innovative company focussed on providing Digital Signature solutions for organizations and independent business professionals.

About Gimly

Gimly helps organizations leverage blockchain technology for their business needs. Their tailored approach is based on a mapping of their needs and objectives and those of relevant stakeholders.



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