About Sphereon, the document processing and data capture specialist

Document Processing & Blockchain Specialists

Sphereon provides the smartest API-platform for Document Processing and Blockchain.

APIs are a crucial building-block in today’s API economy. Where it is all about agility and co-creation is the name of the game. Adapt or Die.

Based on our experience and feedback from our partners and customers, we developed the Sphereon API-driven software platform. This allows us to offer our customers a very close integration with their applications and adapt to their needs.

Our success is a result of the solutions we build together with you, our customers. You have the knowledge and experience in your market domains. We provide the software platform and together we improve the overall solution.

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The sphereon Squirrel

Top-notch technical team with a focus on Artificial Intelligence augmented Information and Document Processing.


Over two decades award-winning specialists in Document Processing and Intelligent Data Capture.


Hardhearted in the Netherlands and operating worldwide through our partner network.


Fully committed to the Agile Way of working.

Passionate About Our Work

We like what we do. Even more, we have a passion for IT, especially for document processing. Our ambition is simple: We want to be the best and offer you the smartest software.

Launch Experts

Our software is easy to install and fast to launch.

Direct results

Machine learning means increasingly better results.

Short lines

Who needs complicated communications? The shorter the lines the better.

Great Rankings

Direct from scratch off you will notice how smart our software is.


We are no nerds and know what happens in modern organizations.

Get and stay Connected

Real account management means involvement. That's our goal.

Our own story ...

Traditional business models will be replaced. We know, because we have been there!

The importance of the API-driven economy is growing. APIs make it easier for people, organizations, places, systems, data and algorithms to connect with each other. To develop new experiences, to unlock information and share data and technology; to identify transactions, identities and ownership; to create new products, services and business models.

No single organization will thrive just by itself. Future Success will be based on Agility through Co-creation and Sharing. With new, better and cheaper services as a result. Traditional business models will be replaced.

We know, because we have been there!

The traditional business model of software license sales and big implementation projects has been replaced by SaaS based solutions and Agile Projects.

So, we did a reboot. We took two steps back, re-invented ourselves, and took a great leap forward. With a new vision and a new team that focuses 100% on building the best possible platform for information and document processing. From scratch. With modern, advanced methods and techniques. Combining our years of experience with best-of-class engines and algorithms.

Reboot: Use Sphereon!