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A short primer for non-technical readers (Part 2) There is a lot of talk about Blockchain. By innovators, industry leaders, investors, consultants and by us. However, I find that many readers and listeners are not yet familiar with Blockchain. This is...

Digital Disruption. The application of new digital technologies causes seismic upheavals in all markets: retail, services, healthcare, manufacturing and even public and non-profit organizations. The exponential growth of technology in mobility, wearables, video, cloud, analytics, and other technologies radically transforms...

ITP Caribbean is the new business partner Sphereon for the Caribbean. Sphereon has signed an agreement with ITP Caribbean to help modernize current and future clients on Aruba, as both parties see the added value of co-creating together and assisting...

Sphereon can integrate as many as 3 Ways Microsoft SharePoint: CMIS, Native Web and through our Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). It is the core of the success of our software solutions: integrate seamlessly with many other systems. For example, results...